25 Emo Memes That Will Make You Cackle as You Recall Your Emo Kid Days | “Your Eyeliner Is the Same Color as Your Soul”

25 Emo Memes That Will Make You Cackle as You Recall Your Emo Kid Days | “Your Eyeliner Is the Same Color as Your Soul”
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A decade ago, the emo culture was at its all-time high. Spikey hair, dressing in all black, listening to metal bands and slathering a bottle full of eyeliner on your face was considered peak fashion revolution. Emo folks are described as introspective or shy and quiet. They tend to spend time alone or with people who share their interests, listening to music or making emo-influenced art. Bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance were among the metal bands whose posters were all over the walls in every emo kid's room, but times have changed and so has the emo subculture. However, every now and then, we hear a familiar song from that time or come across a meme on the internet which reminds us that being emo was not just a phase, it was a part of your personality. Being emo was considered cool but right now the subculture has become less popular so we can have a laugh at these nostalgia-inducing memes.


1. Eyeliners are life 



2. Always an issue with visibility

3. Can't be emo without skinny jeans



4. Black is the only color that exists for emo folks


5. Their taste is just different



6. Every friend group has one



7. Ideal location exists indeed


8. Eight types of emo hair



9. Makes you feel extra badass


10. Bring back the good old emo music



11. Those platform boots are really high


12. Style changes but not emotions


13. Never dressed for the occasion 


14. Time flies really fast, huh!


15. Found your favorite shade yet?


16. Parents supporting the emo life

17. Just play some Green Day and go back to sleep


18. Never grow out of the emo phase


19. Are you even emo if you don't say rawr?


20. Being a black sheep of the family


21. MySpace was dominated by emos


22. Inner emo monologue be like:

23. That one Evanescence song can't save you


24. Being emo is not a phase


25. Best pun ever


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