16 Ridiculous Myths About Men That Are 100% False And Infuriating!

16 Ridiculous Myths About Men That Are 100% False And Infuriating!

No we're not always cheating on you, now you know

Gender myths - since the ladies have been at it, fighting, for some time now, men of Reddit decided it was time we addressed few stereotypes or myths about men which may seem funny but are actually infuriating. 

1. AreWeCowabunga wrote: 
The whole "Men think about sex every 7 seconds" thing. If you think that's true, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


2. GriffsWorkComputer wrote: 
No, im not going to a strip club. no, that doesn't mean I'm gay


3. Trevor-On-Reddit wrote: 
That we miss signs that women give them because they are stupid. We see them, but we don’t want to be creepy/jump to conclusions.
Edit: Or we are not interested


4. Juan_spicy_boi wrote: 
That dads are dopey morons barely capable of caring for themselves, let alone their kids


5.fsutech wrote: 
I really hate how fruity drinks are associated with women, like damn can I just enjoy my strawberry daiquiri.


6. Jelz wrote: 
That we can never NOT be in the mood and if we are we must be sick or cheating.


7. SeeWhatEyeSee wrote:
I am hungry, and all I can do to pass the time... is hump. I will hump this rock! I will hump this tree!


8. cheesecraft789 wrote: 
We are less mature then women, no exceptions


9. DarkPasta wrote:  
The phrase "man up".
Not a myth, but still fucking pisses me off that just because I have a dick, I'm not allowed to feel bad.


10. velour_manure wrote: 
"All men are the same."


11. Superbearfight wrote: 
Myth: All men like having their balls played with and sucked on.
I don't. It hurts!


12. AssholeIRL wrote: 
When a guy buys a big truck, sports car, motorcycle, nice boat, or anything else that he's been dreaming about and planning for since he was a child, it's really about his penis and/or a midlife crisis.


13. juanstamos21 wrote: 
That we only tell women our feelings to coerce them into bed. Like, "Wow, how new and amazing this relationship is.. im so glad I found you" That is uncomfortable vulnerability not some sort of plot.


14. FlaFlaFooey wrote: 
I hate when I hear from someone when I have my kids and my wife is working that I'm "babysitting". It drives me insane. I don't babysit. I'm raising my kids, I'm not a volunteer or a hired hand. Ugh.


15. Raemnant wrote: 
That all black guys are hung, all asians are small, and all white guys are average. Completely not true. Theres a wide spectrum for everyone, hung asians, teeny black guys, whatever


16. Jimmiejackson wrote: 
That if we like children but don’t have children of our own we’re automatically given at the very least a little grilling, if not straight out asked if we’re a pedophile.
I like dogs too, for pretty similar reasons. Nobody ever asks me if I’m a dog fucker.


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