16 Men Share Their 'Hit In The Balls' Moment And It's Painfully Hilarious

16 Men Share Their 'Hit In The Balls' Moment And It's Painfully Hilarious

Nothing matters anymore, they've been through it all

Every time a dude gets kicked or hit in the balls, the pain is felt by all the guys within a mile radius. Here are 16 crazy dudes who somehow got themselves in that situation and we know nothing can get to them anymore after. 

1. SilentJoe1986 wrote: 
Mine was accidentally punching myself in the balls. I have huge feet and I have a hard time finding socks that fit. I bought a new package of socks and haven't stretched them out yet and I ended up getting snow in my shoes and my socks were soaked. So I was trying to pull my sock off and it's stuck on my foot and I'm yanking on it just trying to get it off when it finally gives and I uppercut myself right in the balls. I proceeded to cry for the next ten minutes. Looking back after the bruises faded I can laugh about it.


2. TheToby8000 wrote: 
Fell over on an icy patch outside school. While I'm on the ground, my friend slips on the same part and slides, feet first into my balls. Oh yeah this was in front of ~50 people.


3. Scrubswarm wrote: 
I was playing dodgeball against seniors
in one moment I'm trying to dodge a ball
in the next moment I was on ground after being hit in not just the balls, but the whole package by a ball at light speed


4. miata509 wrote: 
I was nutted by my buddy during a fishing trip in the middle of the ocean and fell overboard..... I was standing on a bench holding on to a rail when he nut punched me, I let go of the rail to grab my nuts in pain at the same time the boat rocked..... over I went.... Sucked, lost my sunglasses, ruined my phone..... had a hell of a time getting back on the boat


5. Satu87 wrote: 
I was playing with my dog infront of my garage and throw a rubber ball so she can catch It was good until I throw it with all my strength and hit garage door. The ball bounced back and hit me straight in my nuts. I was just lying on the ground holding myself and my dog was like "wtf are you doing? Get up and play with me." 




6. P3ccavi wrote: 
I was young as hell talking to some friends totally distracted and this retarded kid hit me with a Wiffle bat.


7. RobWilliamsNecklace wrote: 
I was drunk at a petting zoo and a goat headbutted me right in the balls so hard that I threw up in a trash can in front of families with kids.


8. AsianNiqqa wrote: 
Sitting on a skateboard going downhill. Lost control and the light pole on the sidewalk saved me by sacrificing my future generations. I guess there are certain price you have to pay to stay alive.


9. Gabe-29 wrote: 
I was at bat playing baseball and thé pitcher throws the ball as hard as he can, not only does it hit my nuts, but I really leaned into that particular swing, and I was already on the ground, at the same time crying and barfing before I could even realize what happened.



10. kromagnon wrote: 
When I was about 13, my best friend and I were play fighting in the pool, holding our breaths and doing Matrix-style moves underwater. I tried to do a backflip and smashed his jewels with my foot. I hit his nuts so hard that it actually broke my toe. We both couldn't walk normally for a while.


11. falsehood wrote: 
Jumping off of swing set.
Loose chain on one of the swings.
Chain gets wiggled by the motion of the jump-off, flicks jewels with the tip (like a wet towel) while I'm heading down.


12. tomsawyer2112 wrote: 
Ugh. It was 7th grade...outside of the locker room right after gym class. I was talking to my on/off "girlfriend" at the time, and she straight kicks me in the nuts as hard as she can. No provocation. I almost puked it was so bad. I had to check to see if one of my balls was still there.
When asked later wtf she was thinking - "I just thought it would be funny" ಠ_ಠ.


13. Shadow_Company wrote: 
I did it to myself, which added a layer of shame and embarrassment to the crippling pain. I was trying to snap a wet towel against a wall to make that cool sound. Instead, I managed to snap the towel against my bare ballbag. I was alone in the bathroom.


14, amish_guy wrote: 
I was laying down in bed watching TV with the future wife. She gets up and I ask her to get me a beer. She gets back to the bedroom door and lobs a beer in my direction from about 12 feet away. Perfect aim...I thought she broke me.


15. AngryBagOfDeath wrote: 
Jumped a double during a BMX race and came down a little behind my seat and my nuts got sucked up into the rear brake assembly tore my pants and bruised my nuts pretty bad.


16. BrushGod wrote: 
Being a freshman in high school. I accidentally kneed a senior on his knee. He was pissed, saying he had bad knee. So, he kicked me with his steel toe boots. Collapsed on the floor, tears flowing. Everyone around me laughed, but man, I'll never forget the excruciating pain. 


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