Men With Machetes Invited For 'Role-Play' Reach The Wrong House And Things Turned Hilarious

Men With Machetes Invited For 'Role-Play' Reach The Wrong House And Things Turned Hilarious

They were at the wrong place in the right time.

A resident of Goolgowi (Tom, name changed), New South Wales, Australia, simply wanted to be tied up and have a broom handle rubbed around his underwear, no big deal! So, he got on Facebook and made the arrangements for the 'role-play' with another man and gave him his address. But before he could partake in the smack-down, he switched homes. He did update the address in the message but the man he had arranged on Facebook missed it.

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As reported by 7News, on the decided date, 2 men arrive in one of the houses on the same street. These men were supposed to carry out the fantasy but they came into the wrong house in the previous address (yes, they were that dumb!). Essentially, instead of going to Tom's new house, they went to some stranger's house in the street where Tom lived before.

The stranger (Harry, name changed) noticed a light coming from his lounge room when he got up to go to the toilet. The intruders asked if his name was Tom and came to stand next to his bed with machetes in their hands like a scene from a sick horror movie. But when Harry said that his name wasn't Tom, the intruders apologized politely. One said, "Sorry, mate!" and the other said, "Bye" as they left Harry alone. Sweet guys, right? Except for the machetes in their hands.

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Harry then contacted the police after they left. Meanwhile, the two guys went to the correct address this time (to Tom's house) but Tom saw the Machetes hidden in their pants and made them leave it in the car. Tom made breakfast while the police arrived at the scene sometime later to find the machetes in the car. 

The guys were arrested but one of them, Terrence Leroy, was found not guilty of entering a home with the intent of harm. The judge said: "They carried the machetes either as a prop or something to use in that fantasy. The fantasy was unscripted and there was discretion as to how it would be carried out." The judge even added about Tom that, "He was willing to pay $5000 if it was 'really good.'"

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And according to Terrence's lawyer, they proved that he had no intention to harm and "It was a commercial agreement to tie up and stroke a semi-naked man in his underpants with a broom." Fair enough!

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