25 Times People Shared a Laugh About Aging | "Owning T-Shirts Older Than People I Work With"

25 Times People Shared a Laugh About Aging | "Owning T-Shirts Older Than People I Work With"
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We can't turn back time to the good old days and this means aging is an unavoidable part of our lives. While slathering some of your anti-aging creams, you might have mused about your wrinkle-free skin that is long gone. Or you might have been gobsmacked when a track you used to vibe with long ago plays over the radio. Sometimes, you might encounter a friend from your school days and wonder how different they look. All of a sudden you are reminded that you were born in a different century and then the wave of existential crisis hits you hard. So, u/Pred1949 popped a question to the Reddit community which read: "What made you realize "you're old"?" Loads of comments poured in where several Redditors shared their relatable stories about the moment when the realization of growing old hit them. Well, we can't stop getting older by the minute but we can surely look at these relatable comments by these netizens and laugh at the mix of nostalgia and crude reminder.



1. Millennials are sobbing right now

"When kids refered to the 90s at the "late 1900s"-u/riphitter

2. Dating sites are disappointing, too

"When I gave dating sites a try and found that the people my age were old looking." -u/No-Handle-3515

3. I hope the fortune is favorable today

"My everyday routine: Come home from work, watch Wheel of Fortune, look at the newspaper and sit outside(weather permitting), to watch the birds and squirrels. If that doesn't mean I am old, then nothing does!" -u/ripmerle

4. Shower accidents are common

"Nearly busted my a*s in the shower and suddenly life alert made sense." -u/Luxcrluvr

5. Reddit is always there to remind you of things

"I recently saw a reddit post about things that were popular 25 years ago and I thought about the 80s until I saw a comment that pointed out that we are talking about 1998. I also then realized that I am older than 25." -u/No_Scale7584

6. Mentally, just a kid

"When 30 seems like "just a kid" -u/GhostEntropy

7. Favorite activity

"Getting excited about grocery or furniture shopping." -u/Well_thatwas_random

8. Buying liquor is easy

"Guy at the liquor store looked really quick at my license. I said that was fast. He said it starts with 19--." -u/sperbro

9. Can't vibe with new music

"I was reading Rolling Stone at the doctors office and realized I hardly knew any of the bands on the billboard #1 singles list. 90s music to my kids is like what 60s music was to me." -u/wholesomeorange

10. Becoming more fragile

"When "ow that hurt" became "I hope that's not permanent"" -u/Tall_dark_and_lying

11. Birthdays get a lot less interesting

"Spent my 30th birthday itching to go home and take my new cordless vacuum cleaner for a spin." -u/SamCropper

12. Omg Aragorn!

"Viggo Mortensen is now older than Ian McKellan was when he played Gandalf in Fellowship." -u/silox250

13. Eyesight getting worse

"Wait a minute - let me get my glasses and put the main light on to read this properly." -u/jinglesan

14. Aging has started

"Look at an intact cardboard box you have in your house. What do you think? If the answer is: Oh, this is a good cardboard box, I should hold on to it, you know it has started." -u/Otherwise_Skill_4189

15. When celebrity death hit hard

"Now, every celebrity death is like, 'What?!??! She died?? But she was just in that movie!' But then you remember that for you, 'just in that movie' was a movie 30 years or more ago sometimes." -u/BigMax

16. Time flies real quick

"I teach writing to college freshmen. I had a student writing about standardized testing who started a paragraph with the phrase: "Beliefs about education at the turn of the century worked from the assumption that ..." It took me two paragraphs to realize that the turn she was talking about was 1999 to 2000. This was two years ago. The resulting existential crisis is still unresolved." -u/HGFuller

17. Pre-historically fashionable

"When I realized that I own t shirts that are older than people I work with."  -u/abigore

18. We can lie though

"Whenever I have to enter my birthdate in a drop-down menu." -u/didfart

19. This reminds us of our aging perfectly

"Sleeping straight through the night is a thing of the past; if it's not a hip or shoulder screaming at me to roll over, it's a bladder wanting relief."-u/drshawn001

20. Choosing peace over party

"I used to sneak out of home to go to a party, now I sneak out of the party to go home." -u/Dman7419

21. Weren't they always?

"I find more and more people are being stupid and annoying." -u/Wahooney

22. Golden oldies who?

"I almost fell over when a local radio station called songs from the '80s the 'golden oldies.' No! The golden oldies are the '50s/'60s!" -u/RichieNRich

23. Fish and chips are better

"I am so sick of my friends inviting me to things I really wanna go to. Cause on Saturdays, all I wanna do is eat chips and watch movies" -u/Mcgruffles

24. That horrendous app

"I'm disgusted by TikTok." -u/k_1181

25. Weekends and chill!

"Doing nothing became my favorite thing to do on the weekend."-u/MooreDubs

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