25 Funny Local News Headlines That Has Us In Splits | “Bear Falls Through Skylight Into Party”

25 Funny Local News Headlines That Has Us In Splits | “Bear Falls Through Skylight Into Party”
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @CrapLocalNews

The goal of any news outlet is to deliver the most sensational news happening in the world or maybe just in our local area. However, there are times when we encounter a few typos in newspapers or some piece of news which might feel out of the place and that's completely normal. Weird news headlines however are something else. We have compiled a bunch of ridiculous headlines which will not only grab your attention but will make you fall off your chair laughing. All these posts are from a dedicated Twitter account called @CrapLocalNews and the page is all about sharing the most mind-boggling news articles for your entertainment. So scroll away and have fun before you start questioning the world.


1. Kitty fears no one



2. Very precise


3. That sucks



4. Worst psychic ever


5. Perfect correction



6. May the force be with the bird



7. Unicorn in a budget


8. It's still a domestic dispute



9. They should have invited the bear too


10. Motivating your pals like:



11. Florida news keeps getting wilder


12. Owls might be camouflaging now


13. Mixing up drugs with drums


14. How is that even possible?


15. Becoming racist for the sake of your dog


16. May she find herself


17. Interesting news indeed


18. We hope Polly recovers from anxiety


19. Fair enough


20. You gotta seek them, officer


21. At least that will drag the attention


22. Worst burglar ever


23. The cow saw the opportunity and took it


24. It's all about the karma


25. When you have nothing to write about


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