25 Absurd Myths That People Believe to Be True Although They Really, Really Aren't

25 Absurd Myths That People Believe to Be True Although They Really, Really Aren't
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Most people believe in certain myths and superstitions and over time they get over their false beliefs. Reddit user u/JoeyDotnot brought up the age-old conversation about silly things we used to believe in at one point, by questioning fellow netizens about the dumbest myths people still believe on today's date.


We scoured AskReddit to fetch some of the most ridiculous and unbelievable myths which are absolutely not true but still exist to brainwash ill-informed people.


1. Fist of fury.

"Black belts have to register their fists as weapons. I can't believe I was dumb enough to fall for that." - u/gorox47927

2. Let the cats do their business in peace.

"That a black cat crossing your path is unlucky." - u/Top_Expression_6541


3. Don't pee on anything. Period.

"That you should pee on a jellyfish sting for relief. Please don't do that." - u/rolis20544

4. Think twice before going to eat sushi.

"That soy makes you get boobs, or that it's bad for men. Soy has phytoestrogen aka plant estrogen. It has no effect on humans." - u/throwaway091238744


5. Get ready for a gang war.

"The thing about how flashing your lights while driving at someone to remind them to turn theirs on is some kind of gang initiation ritual that will get you killed." - u/j00sr


6. Poor babies just want love.

"Don't hold your baby too much when they cry, it'll spoil them. In the first year of life, the baby doesn't understand being spoiled, they need to feel safe and secure." - u/Hoodratchet


7. Anti-vaccine protests be like:

"That vaccine causes autism." - u/Rhoeri


8. It's an anxiety detector.

"Lie detectors is a literal thing. There's a reason they aren't admissible as evidence in court in most places." - u/bitew41489

9. Blow dry your hair thoroughly.

"My dad had this guy helping him out who told him 'If you sleep with your hair wet, you will bleed out of your mouth' and he was 110% sure that was a fact. We were both just confused and bewildered by this statement. What the hell had this guy witnessed?" - u/bitew41489


10. Make a wish upon a star.

"I had somebody tell me that it was really windy the other day because there was a meteor that passed close to Earth." - u/Dont-Fear-The-Raeper

11. Look up while you pass a skyscraper.

"If you drop a penny off a skyscraper, it will eventually fall fast enough to puncture someone's skull. By that logic, raindrops would hurt like a bitch or straight-up kill you. Not to mention hail." - u/UnvwevweOsas

12. Spiders need company too.

"That you eat spiders in your sleep. Spider will not knowingly walk into our mouths. They can sense both the heartbeat, heat and noise from humans. All things that would alert them not to go into our mouths." - u/messeboy

13. Never eat gum again.

"I remember the myth that gum takes 7 years to fully pass through your digestive system." - u/QuandiliusDinglebop

14. That's harsh!

"That you have to wait 48 hours to report someone missing." - u/loxisi5751

15. Our bodies react differently.

"It's a complete myth that every single person's hair will have the same reaction to chemo. Some people lose hair right away, some don't. Everybody is different." - u/DorothyGMilne

16. Nice scam business.

"That magnetic jewelry/healing will cure just about anything. A dude named Mesmer came up with the idea in 1780, and it has been debunked many times - yet it’s still a billion-dollar industry." - u/rolis20544

17. They use 0% perhaps.

"That humans only use 10% of their brain. This is false, regardless of how those who proclaim this myth seemingly demonstrate that it is in fact true." - u/MatthewWakeman

18. Shave all you want.

"That shaving makes your hair grow back thicker." - u/DressureProp

19. *Cracks knuckles while reading this*

"That people’s hands are eventually gonna be useless if they keep cracking their knuckles." - u/schleep_one

20. Position doesn't matter.

"There are still people who believe that having sex in certain positions can influence the sex of your unborn child or impact whether you have twins/multiples. It absolutely cannot." - u/NoSleepNoCoffee1

21. Monsters are out to grab us!

"I still believe that if any of my limbs hang off the bed while sleeping that a monster will grab them. I also believe that the moment I remember this and pull them back on the bed is just in the nick of time before a monster grabs them. You can't prove there isn't a monster under my bed." - u/bitew41489

22. So we are like royalty?

"Had to explain to an adult that blood isn’t blue inside the body and red once it hits oxygen because blood already carries oxygen." - u/whatdoesntkillyou

23. MSG is like the big brother of salt.

"Anything about MSG. I battle with my health-conscious wife about this often. Too much of anything is bad for you. I still don’t understand the demonization of MSG." - u/Mister_Pibbs

24. They can definitely see us!

"People think bats are blind. They aren’t." - u/holesix705

25. Some people might go out during thunderstorms now.

“That lightning never strikes the same place twice. Yes, it does, that’s the entire reason for lightning rods on buildings." - u/poxayif250

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 Myths that people believed to be true but they aren't