Nurse Wearing Lingerie Under PPE Might Just Be The Corona Warrior We Need

Nurse Wearing Lingerie Under PPE Might Just Be The Corona Warrior We Need

She might have done some real good out there.

Only in Russia would you find something so outlandish that it would make you sit up and take notice. And one nurse, in a male ward, did make some eyeballs roll as she showed up wearing just her underwear, under a transparent PPE kit. The news was first reported by a local news agency TULA News but has since then become viral and according to some reports, it has already surpassed over 800,000 views for the story. As reported by The Sun, the nurse's name has not yet been revealed and it is believed that she may have been disciplined for not following the norms.

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While the nurse herself has not spoken publicly on the matter, she may have been suspended from work according to reports in NY Post. According to the website, the nurse claimed that she had not realized that the PPE kit was transparent. It could have been a mistake from her but the fact was that none of the residents of the ward made an official complaint. Furthermore, since it was a male-only ward, we do believe that she might have done some good and helped uplift the patient's morale. The hospital's chiefs, however, thought that she was in 'non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.'

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The readers of the Tula news, however, enjoyed what she did and had plenty of positive comments to offer. Alexander Filippovich said: "Well done! Very life-affirming. A swimsuit is quite decent." Igor Shchelkonogov, another reader, went philosophical, saying: "Show me the face who punished her. This is outright envy. Hippocrates also said that if a patient is pleased, he recovers faster. But our bureaucrats did not take the oath of Hippocrates."And Vasily Reddevil felt that "She will lift the dead in such a suit, or vice versa, for someone it’s luxurious farewell. In any case, she deserves encouragement."


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