25 Unhinged Responses by ‘Ok, Boomer’ Digital Assistant | “Ok Boomer, Play Today’s Hits. That Is Not Music”

25 Unhinged Responses by ‘Ok, Boomer’ Digital Assistant | “Ok Boomer, Play Today’s Hits. That Is Not Music”
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The generational gap between boomers and millennials will not fill up anytime soon. In fact, the tug of war is going out of hand lately. Millennials find boomers to be unreasonable and stereotypical. Boomers think millennials are a lost cause. No definite standard exists to decide who's right and who's to blame. 


Both generations have defined values and belief systems and since they grew up in different decades, they are bound to have disagreements. But, both millennials and boomers refuse to budge or place confidence in each other. Millennials are fed up with boomers' unwanted "good morning" messages on Whatsapp, weird cartoons and memes they share on Facebook, unsolicited advice, etc. Boomers hate millennials for their brief stints in relationships, find Gen-Z's obsession with body modifications disgusting and so forth.


This conflict of mindsets has become a universal joke, with millennials poking fun at every boomer. The internet is flooded with memes of baby boomers' typical behaviors. And millennials are America's largest generation, with 95 million members in their 20s and 30s. In the same spirit, somebody asked in the r/AskReddit community, "If 'OK Boomer' was a digital assistant like 'OK Google,' what answers it would give to certain questions. Here are 25 classic responses which we hope boomers will take in good spirits. 


1. LOL!

"Ok Boomer, where's the nearest recycling center."
"We have trash cans."
- u/beatboxingfox

2. Where are we?

"Ok Boomer, directions to 5th and Montgomery."
"We don't need a map, I know where it is."
waits a minute
- u/Voittaa

3. So relatable

OK Boomer, wake me up at 6:00
wakes you up at 5:00
“Get up, its 6:00!!!”
- u/MrMager

4. Haha!

OK Boomer, how's the weather today?
"Open the window and stick your arm out. Is it wet? That must mean it's raining. Is it cold? Put on a sweater. Try figuring out things on your own kiddo."
- u/[deleted]

5. Hilarious

"OK Boomer, open YouTube."
"How? Can you show me?"
- u/gottamemethemall

6. OMG!

"OK Boomer, what's the most effective birth control pill?"
"The most effective birth control pill is an aspirin between your knees."
- u/ninaruminatti

7. Fact

"Ok Boomer, what's on TV right now?"
"We only watch the news and Wheel of Fortune in this house."
- u/Pantelima

8. That pressure

“OK Boomer, Call my Husband”
“Only if you tell me when I’m going to get grandkids!!! It’s about time!”
- u/Chaosncalculation

9. Every time

"OK Boomer, volume up"
"What, you wanna become deaf?"
- u/Hq3473

10. Easy

“Ok Boomer, how can I pay for college?”
“Write a check like I did!”
- u/riiptemp

11. That's noise

Ok Boomer, play today’s hits.
THAT is NOT music!
- u/onesillymom

12. We are all doomed

"Ok Boomer, what time is it?''
"What? You don't know how to read a clock? The future is doomed."
- u/[deleted]

13. Hmm...

"OK Boomer, take me to the nearest formal sit-down place"
"Ok snowflake, starting your route to Applebee's"
- u/[deleted]

14. Dead!

“OK Boo—“
“By your age I had a house, car and 50k in savings. You need to stop asking for handouts”
- u/tarahdactyl_x

15. Every damn time

"OK Boomer, what's the capital of Iraq?"
"Back in my day, we looked things up in an encyclopedia. Damn millennials, so obsessed with their phones."
- u/ostentia

16. Typical

OK Boomer, turn the thermostat to 23°C.
That function is locked to users.
- u/smileedude

17. Mom: "I make better food at home"

"OK Boomer, restaurants near by"
"We have food at home"
- u/WaluigisOveralls

18. Kids these days

Ok Boomer, can you please auto-fill my credit card details on this site ?
What, you want to give your details to a stranger ? Are you nuts ? Just go drive a half an hour to the store and buy it in person, it's safer that way.
- u/nagynorbie

19. Therapists are expensive

OK Boomer, look up therapists near me
Have you tried thinking positive thoughts?
 - u/howiejriii

20. Sigh!

“OK Boomer, open my mail messages”
“I’m sorry, there’s no mail delivery on Sundays.”
 - u/Laymans_Terms19

21. *Eye roll*

Ok Boomer, the job market is so competitive. How can I get a job?
Ya just need gumption! (Proceeds to talk about how they got a job from just walking in and demanding it.)
- u/gaberoman

22. Come on!

Ok Boomer, remind me to take my medication.
You don’t need that stuff! Just snap out of it!
- u/[deleted]

23. Unsolicited advice

"OK Boomer, show me job application links."
"Here are the addresses of nearby offices with job listings. Their office hours are 9-5, so show up at 8:30 and expect an interview."
- u/Whenitrainsitpours86

24. Damn this generation

"Ok Boomer, h-"
- u/windwaker3656

25. Can't beat them

“Ok Boomer, which radio station should I listen to?”
“Doesn’t matter, music nowadays is all trash.”
- u/losersftw

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