These Painfully Accurate Memes About Life In Your Thirties Will Add to Your Laughter Lines

These Painfully Accurate Memes About Life In Your Thirties Will Add to Your Laughter Lines
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @thirtysomethingprobs

Cheers to the thirties. The phase when all the excess dust settles, people are comfortable in their own skin and they have a better grasp of the world and what happens around them.


In your thirties, you need fewer people, less booze and less sh*t. It's when you realize your life is worth more than fighting over petty things in life. It's when you are most likely to find a purpose. But it's not all hunky-dory either. The thirties are also when your back pain is at its pinnacle, kids drive you nuts, expenses give you sleepless nights and your boss gives you migraines. Relatable, right? Since being thirty and feeling all new kinds of adulting problems is universal, a dedicated Instagram account @thirtysomethingprobs curates the finest of memes on being a signature thirty-something. Moreover, people who share their two cents on the page do not beat around the bush when it comes to being real. 


To honor people who have reached the peak of adulthood and help them find solace in jokes and memes, we have curated 25 memes that accurately sum up the paradoxes of being in one's thirties. Scroll through and hilariously embrace your glorious thirties. 



1. From one screen to another


2. Those damn passwords



3. That feeling


4. Multitasking at its best




5. Not available




6. Relatable


7. No options left




9. Forever 31



10. Goals



11. A pillow for every body part, please.



12. Give me potatoes



13. Hahaha!



14. Crying!



15. Quite literally.



16. Cracked us hard



17. "Are we?"



18. It's this or that.



19. Dayum!



20. 30-something



21. SIGH!



22. LOL



23. Accurate



24. For real





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 Painfully accurate memes about life in your thirties