People Are Milking Cockroaches Now And It Just Seems So Wrong!

People Are Milking Cockroaches Now And It Just Seems So Wrong!

Welcome to fresh new hell!

If you are a health enthusiast (or freak) then you may, probably, already be aware of the bizarre new trend that has taken the health food sector by the storm. If you aren't then you should know that health enthusiasts are now looking at cockroaches as a superfood. No, they are not eating them, they are milking them.


As reported by Unbelievable Facts, 'cockroach milk' is being touted as one of the mega ultra superfoods to have been discovered by humankind and it may only be a matter of time before it becomes available at a Walmart near you.



According to the website, "Diploptera punctata is a unique species of cockroach that gives birth to young ones and feeds its embryos with a milk-like secretion." And researchers have found a way to extract this milk in liquid or crystal form.


The website also reported that "it is a good, non-dairy alternative for those who are lactose intolerant. It can also be a superb protein supplement to meet the calorie needs of those who do not get the required calories."

The process of extraction of milk is also extremely inhuman (even if it's on a cockroach) as they are sliced mid-gut to extract just a tiny bit of milk. According to reports, extracting a glass of milk would entail gutting thousands of cockroaches which just seems like a lot of work and killing! 



So, all you need to do is wait for some time for the production to be viable and you can enjoy your own glass of cockroach milk if you are into that kind of stuff that is.

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