These 25 Hilarious Conversations Overheard by People in L.A. Prove That Humor Helps Us Make Sense of Life

These 25 Hilarious Conversations Overheard by People in L.A. Prove That Humor Helps Us Make Sense of Life
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Imagine you walk out of your house and realize halfway into your journey that you left your earphones at home. Well, before you get miserable just by thinking about the scenario, let us help you with finding ways to keep yourself occupied without some good music. All you need to do is lend your ears briefly to overhear the conversations of the people moving all around you, just like the people on the Instagram page of @overheardla. These individuals caught up with some juicy gossip and out-of-context conversations from strangers which were too good to not share with the internet folks. So, here are 25 of the most interestingly funny conversations which are bound to leave you in splits.


1. Oops, not so careful after all



2. Being a "discourager" should be a paid gig too


3. Cats are relatable most of the time



4. This one is for all the astrology aficionados 


5. Keeping the long story short



6. Yep, a cozy rehab will work just fine



7. No thanks, it's better if the son sticks to the Star Wars posters


8. When you don't know the difference between bisexual and unisex



9. Some people just aren't ready for the post-partum depression


10. People eat almost anything when they are hungry



11. Well, that person wasn't aware of the goat's intentions


12. Favorite job for the attention seekers


13. Imagine sitting in silence for 50 minutes


14. The economy is harsh these days


15. Too late to have a great day


16. How modern day divorces work basically


17. Kids are too sassy sometimes


18. It's always about the height or the money


19. This person read too many fan-fictions


20. Makes a lot of sense now


21. When you need help from a beer to start your fitness journey


22. We wish we had a Porsche too


23. Even that qualifies as a home decor


24. Fair enough


25. Moms are always right


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