12 People Who Got Way Too Drunk And Didn't Expect The Thing They Woke Up To

12 People Who Got Way Too Drunk And Didn't Expect The Thing They Woke Up To

Was it worth it ! Hell Yeah !

Some of us do ridiculous things when we drunk, most often we don't even remember what we did. Here are few people who didn't quite remember what they did but woke up to crazy situations. 

1. Victreebel wrote: 
I live in Norway. I once got so drunk I fell asleep on a small fishing boat with a crew of 6 men. I woke up way out at sea and had to work there for 3 days before they put me ashore. Was 3 of the best days of my life. 



2. randomhobo wrote: 
I was once in Thailand and I met a British guy who woke up lying on his back in the middle of a classroom full of Thai kids, half way through a lesson. It was an open air classroom and he had stumbled in at some point during the night. He passed out on the floor and the Thai people decided not to wake him up when they arrived in the morning. When he finally woke up at about 10am, he sat up, exchanged awkward looks with everyone, stood up, and walked back to his hotel.


3. krustychocolate wrote: 
Not as much the place (my friend's bed, she was right beside me) but it was what was on me when I woke up. There was something rubbing against my face that felt like tiny rocks and when I looked, I had a skateboard down my shirt with the grip facing up. Apparently, I decided this was the best method to roll dow,+the hallway on my stomach. I got out of bed and rolled to the kitchen to make breakfast. 


4. No_Touching wrote: 
Worked with a band of Russians one summer. (They were on an exchange program.) To make them feel at home, my brother and I invited them to our cabin in the nearby mountains. Drinking ensued.
Woke up at dawn floating on a raft in the middle of the lake.
Unless you are prepared to lose, do not challenge russians to a drinking contest.



5. wokeupinacupboard wrote: 
Had a party at my house. When I woke up the next morning it was dark and cramped. I opened the doors and fell out of a cupboard in a house I didn't recognize. I managed to sneak out quietly and realized once I had made it to the street that it was someones house about a half block down the street from my own.


6. omigahguy wrote: 
In the bed of a pick up truck in downtown Detroit. I had been there 3 or 4 hours. Never so lucky.
A friend was shaken awake behind the Last Lap bar in Knoxville once by a little old lady saying "son you can't sleep on my lawn any longer".


7. Stemminem wrote: 
I woke up in the back of friends car from a black out with a homeless guy smacking the window.


8. HashRunner wrote: 
Woke up in a random apartment covered in kittens once.
Was surreal and awesome... (The kittens were alive and climbing on me/mewing, I was completely clothed and perfectly fine beyond a monster hangover)


9. Esull wrote: 
Best: In bed with a guy I was silly-in-love with.
Worst: In between 2 gay guys, one of whom had pissed the bed at one point during the night.
Weirdest: the shore of a pond, a good 2 miles away from where the beer-b-q was. My clothes were clearly drunkenly reapplied and I had a miners light on my head.


10. wuwtk wrote: 
One morning about a year ago after a night of heavy drinking, I woke up with a king sized bag of skittles in my pocket. I had no idea where they came from and I never left this one house according what my friends told me. Every time after that whenever I pass out my friends were apparently putting bags of skittles in pockets just to confuse me. I didn't find out until about 2 months ago. They still deny the first time though and apparently its still a mystery. I have awesome friends.


11. YeaISeddit wrote: 
Three miles from the bar, jeans torn all over, sharing a bus stop with a homeless guy, wearing a Trojan helmet.


12. KingOfSwing90 wrote: 
Party with my friends who were graduating from college. Lots of good beer and cocktails. Then the tequila shots started. The third tequila shot was the last one I remember.
Woke up pooping, to my then-girlfriend throwing up in the sink next to me. We made eye contact, and promptly burst out laughing.


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