25 Times People Proved So Exasperatingly That They Have No Life and Had Us Congratulating Ourselves for Our Patience

25 Times People Proved So Exasperatingly That They Have No Life and Had Us Congratulating Ourselves for Our Patience

Netizens share things that make it clear that a person doesn't have anything meaningful going on in their lives.

When a person has an abundance of free time and money, they mostly tend to spend them on pointless and, at times, questionable activities or objects. These individuals try to find their life's purpose in ways we can't comprehend. Some even focus on other people's lives rather than their own which makes them even more annoying.


So, thousands of Reddit users popped into the r/AskReddit subreddit when u/GroundbreakingAd6888: "What screams 'I have no life?'" The community swarmed to the comment section to share moments and instances which annoyed them and made them feel like some people really do not have a life.


1. Tone down the vroom vroom!

"Having a loud vehicle. No one is impressed."u/The-plot-twist13

2. Like what and why?

"Calling cops on kids with a lemonade stand."u/SuvenPan


3. Really, get a life.

"Being way too invested in the life of reality tv stars."u/paracanthurusdory

4. Never do that.

"Making fun of other people's hobbies." - u/CLbandit38


5. Talk about being insecure.

"Thinking other people have no lives because they want to live their life how they want to."u/Full_Purpose4355

6. Social media addicts.

"People who obsessively post their life/relationships on Instagram."u/layschippers


7. Mind your own business.

"Spending almost every day bugging and harassing others for choices they made that's not hurting them or anyone else, like damn, do they not have places to be elsewhere?"u/ThanosWifeAkima-4848

8. Annoying coworkers.

"Only ever talking badly about other people. Had some coworkers like this once and being around them 8 hours a day was f*****g DRAINING."u/SomeOtherThirdThing


9. Royal enthusiasts.

"Being emotionally invested in the British royal family" - u/jessieagain

10. Workaholics be like:

"Working tons of hours and bragging about it. People at my job do this and it’s pathetic." - u/spectreenjoyer


11. Facebook keyboard warriors.

"People who spend their days arguing with strangers on Facebook." - u/This-Wafer-841

12. Rich people flex.

"Being involved with a home owners association." - u/chrispybobispy


13. Nosy people.

"Worrying about what others are doing with their life." - u/KumquatopotamusPrime

14. Alpha male influencers be like:

"Trying to look tough on the internet." - u/Ratakoa


15. Parenting is life-consuming we guess.

"You have literally nothing to talk about outside of your children or being a parent." - u/oneofyrfencegrls

16. Struggles are real.

"Me, I stay inside all day and don’t have friends. Social anxiety sucks." - u/ActualIyCameron


17. Stalker tendencies.

"Tracking someone on their phone, real story, my husband was sick one day and both his sister and mom started tracking his phone, started texting early Monday morning wondering why he was still at home." - u/Livnthedream430

18. We wonder if his family is proud of him. 

"Being the only guy ever offered extra shifts or hours because you never say no." - u/cewumu


19. Reddit users are getting called out now.

"Scrolling on Reddit answering questions so I can get more karma points. I think that’s all the 'I have no life' evidence you need." - u/TheUnknownLifeO

20. They probably did not peak as an adult.

"Those mean girls who peaked in high school." - u/thesoggypomegranate


21. Moms and their mayhem.

"As a parent with kids in school, definitely the Facebook Moms group." - u/Mean_Manufacturer_61

22. Proving that you are actually jobless.

"Being an internet troll or cheating in video games." - u/JonnyAlien23


23. Someone asking you this:

"Name 3 songs of that band on the shirt you’re wearing." - u/Mkhldr

24. Every office has that one dude.

"The guy in my office who monitors how long everyone has been away from their computer." - u/No-Review-2307


25. Digging up old tea.

"Cancel culture, people digging s**t up." - u/zztop2233

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