25 Memes Roasting PETA for Their Vegan Campaign Featuring a T-Rex | “1 T-Rex Has Enough Meat to Spare 2308 Chickens”

25 Memes Roasting PETA for Their Vegan Campaign Featuring a T-Rex | “1 T-Rex Has Enough Meat to Spare 2308 Chickens”
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PETA has unintentionally served themselves on a platter and Twitterati is now feasting on them. (Please excuse, the unintended puns). On June 1, 2023, the animal rights organization posted a, dare we say, serious meme promoting veganism with the help of an extinct species, a T-Rex. Little did they know that it would inspire meat-eaters to fantasize about smoked T-Rex ribs. 


No one could foresee the insane reactions on Twitter, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In fact, on their part, it was highly miscalculated because their agenda was loud and clear. But going back in time (65 million years, to be precise) to promote their ideology hilariously backfired. PETA is the longest-running non-governmental animal rights organization committed to ending the abusive treatment of animals in business and society. They also advocate consideration for animals in people's daily activities and decision-making, including general policies and practices. 


Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco founded PETA in 1980 and over time, they expanded their mission of animal safety in laboratories, the food industry, the clothing trade and the entertainment business. While we respect PETA's undying efforts, to rope in a dinosaur in their campaign was, frankly speaking, rather childish. Their tweet read, "Think twice before ordering that chicken sandwich... T-Rexes wouldn't approve of you eating their descendants." The meme-message went viral with 17 million views and the comment section was a laugh riot. 





People fancied the idea of eating a T-Rex and what followed was a meme fest. Here are 25 of them.

1. Downloading........




2. Delish



3. Hungry




4. Nom. Nom.




5. LOL!



6. Bwahaha!




7. Ahem



8. Yum!!



9. Pre-historic feast



10. Haha!



11. LMAO!



12. Party!



13. Valid point



14. OMG!! Hilarious



15. Restaurant opening soon



16. Waiting for PETA to answer



17. Cinematic feel



18. It's a feast tonight



19. Simple logic



20. The host



21. One hundred percent



22. Point



23. Loud and clear



24. Hilarious



25. Get in the belly


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 PETA's weird T-rex meme promoting veganism sparked insane memes