25 Pun-Filled Comics About Vikings That Will Make You Scratch Your Head as You Giggle | “Our Worst Knight mare”

25 Pun-Filled Comics About Vikings That Will Make You Scratch Your Head as You Giggle | “Our Worst Knight mare”
Cover Image Source: Instagram | comedyviking

Comic artists often use puns to create fun in their comics. A pun is basically a 'joke' based on the interplay of homophones—words that sound the same (have the same pronunciation) but have different meanings. 


A pun is a clever use of language to elicit a humorous tone but punning isn't that easy. A pun might not make you chuckle or giggle right away as it involves some mental task to fathom it. A study at the University of Windsor in Ontario found that "It takes a division of labor between the left and right hemispheres of our brains in order to decipher a pun." The study further claims, "At first, the left hemisphere—the side tasked with linguistic analysis—has to interpret the word and pause on its usage and then the right hemisphere takes over to understand the joke. For a pun to land, both sides of the brain need to communicate quickly with one another and generate either the smirk, sigh, giggle or eye roll that the pun deserves," per Grammarly.


Puns are the best choice for comics like @comedyviking. His Instagram comic page is his passion project that started in 2021. Since then, he has enjoyed making people laugh and cringe at his lamest puns. He's also a lover of dad jokes and Norse mythology, so he figured, "Why not combine the two!" That's why we have gathered his 25 lamest puns for you to both enjoy and loathe. After all, it's funny to be a little punny, right?


1. "Chilly Chilly"



2. LOL




3. Pun intended




4. "Sea through"



5. Keep following




6. A-Peeling



7. Hahaha!




8. A helpful lad indeed



9. SIGH!



10. Low self-escream



11. Congrats



12. Very



13. Lambslides 



14. Merciless pie



15. OMG!



16. Alternate career options



17. Soul trade



18. Greetings



19. Well.



20. All night


21. Eye roll.



22. Hmmm



23. Why??



24. Hmm



25. "Ward" robe.


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 Pun-filled comics about Vikings to make you giggle