25 Random but Insanely Hilarious Memes for Every Hour | “They Cooked the Duolingo Bird”

25 Random but Insanely Hilarious Memes for Every Hour | “They Cooked the Duolingo Bird”
Cover Image Source: Twitter | hourly_shitpost

If you are here for memes to kill some time, you'll be happy to know that this Twitter account, @hourly_shitpost has a massive collection of memes to suit every hour of your life. Just imagine a meme for every hour. Doesn't that sound amazing? 


With a following of 1.4 million, the account has quickly become one of the most-liked accounts for memes. Irrespective of whether you are happy, pensive, frustrated or in the mood for some fun, you are bound to find a relatable meme.  Although memes are just another form of a joke, there's more to memes than what meets the eye. They gradually grew from a source of entertainment to an increasingly popular internet phenomenon. Now they have been dominating our newsfeeds. "Originally, and according to the English Oxford Dictionary, memes were 'an element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation,'" per Grazia.  


Safe to say, memes are here to stay and that's why we have curated the 25 most entertaining and hilariously relatable memes from the meme connoisseur. 


1. Truth be told



2. The "green" food




3. Bored to death




4. Woah!



5. Great revenge




6. All the time




7. Chilling bro, chilling



8. Guilty




9. Seriously, dangerous stuff



10. Be an adult



11. Duh!



12. How does that make sense?



13. All the time



14. Aspirations



15. Thanks, man.



16. LOL



17. QUIET!!



18. Enlighten me



19. Circle of life



20. We are good people



21. LOL



22. Hahaha



23. Cashier: "What?"



24. It "camouflaged" 



25. Tweet. Tweet


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