25 Sassy ‘Female Problems’ Memes That Women Will Relate to | “I Always Want My House to Look Like No One Lives in It”

25 Sassy ‘Female Problems’ Memes That Women Will Relate to | “I Always Want My House to Look Like No One Lives in It”
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Female Problems

Women have to face umpteenth challenges while meeting their professional goals, managing relationships and dealing with (often unrealistic) societal expectations. The sassiest and grittiest women face life's challenges with courage, dignity and a sense of humor. According to President and CEO of New America, Anne-Marie Slaughter's words in POLITICO Magazine, "Women in the United States who are caregivers—for children, parents, spouses, siblings or extended family members—have two full-time jobs, while trying to compete with men who have one. And over half of us are the primary breadwinners in our households. The standard response is to persuade men to “help” more. But we need a sea change, one that can happen only with a normative revolution around the value of care."


Humor and sarcasm can be a great way for women to challenge social norms and claim their position and power. The Facebook page Female Problems is a treasure trove of relatable female-friendly posts and memes that resonate with females from all walks of life. With over 620 thousand followers, this online community uses humorous memes to address the quirks and challenges of daily life. Here are 25 humorous everyday life memes all females will relate to.

1. Use reverse psychology next time



2. Important naps 


3. Already gave up 



4. Are you okay?


5. He can cook 



6. Learning from mistakes 




7. Such different colors 


8. Little dragon would make more sense 



9. I need at least 100$ worth of attention 


10. Far-fetched standards 



11. Waited for nine months 


12. Work mom 


13. Yeah, how does she?


14. Breakdown = new look 


15. The only architecture that makes sense 


16. Exactly!


17. Tuscan-style chickens made me minimalistic 


18. Cracked elbow 


19. Preheat for banana bread girlfriend 


20. Doesn't do the job...


21. Sent some pics 


22. My mom needs a baby shower and I need a shower 


23. It wasn't love...it was ovulation


24. Vermillion isn't green


25. Why teach the wrong things?


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