21 Rib-Tickling Relatable Tweets by Couples Who Are Surviving the Crazy Marriage Ride

21 Rib-Tickling Relatable Tweets by Couples Who Are Surviving the Crazy Marriage Ride
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Married life is a mix of various flavors; some moments are spicy and others are salty. At rare moments, it tastes like a mouth-watering sweet and occasionally, it leaves a bitter taste in our mouth. Overall, it's a wholesome and hilarious expedition. 


Those who have survived this crazy ride for half a century or fortunately more can vouch for one secret ingredient to tackle both the highs and the lows of married life—a 'sense of humor.' Couples who cannot laugh off unpleasant moments are likely to fall victim to negative thoughts, sometimes leading to broken relationships. Once you move past the much-hyped "honeymoon phase," your partner's annoying habits reveal themselves. You are faced with the challenge of accepting their less likable traits and that's when the humor toolkit comes to the relationship rescue. 


When mushy conversations metamorphose into endless debates about which brand's furniture is more durable, whether the bedroom needs a makeover, how much toilet roll your partner wastes in a month, just pause and laugh your most violent laugh. Trust us, it always works. You can also vent your feelings on Twitter just like these 21 people who perfectly summed up married life humor in just 280 characters.  Here's our shortlist of funny and relatable married-life tweets that you can retweet or send to your partner. 


1. LOL




2. True story




3. Literally.



4. Bwahahaha




5. Or pretending may be




6. Guilty



7. How long




8. Take the chance



9. Vinegar tea, is


10. Hilarious



11. Aww!!



12. Sigh!



13. Bingo



14. Know your place



15. OMG!



16. Secret



17. Right



18. Deal is a deal



19. Right



20. *wipes tears*



21. It's a trap


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 Relatable and rib-tickling marriage tweets