25 Corporate Humor Memes for Overwhelmed Office Employees Who Need a Break | “We Need a 3-Day Weekend”

25 Corporate Humor Memes for Overwhelmed Office Employees Who Need a Break | “We Need a 3-Day Weekend”
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Spending our entire workday inside an office can be challenging and many employees still cannot opt for remote or hybrid work. If we are fortunate, we have good relationships with our coworkers and can see the outside world from our desks through a window when we want to. If we are not that lucky, our job has given us back pain, stress, rush-hour commute twice a day and very few opportunities for growth. According to The American Institute of Stress, "83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress with 25% saying their job is the number one stressor in their lives." Stress is also known to affect personal relationships and make people miss work days. We've compiled a list of some of the most relatable memes from the Corporate Humor page on Instagram to help relieve the stress of sitting in a cubicle all day. Scroll through these 25 corporate humor memes and share the laughter with your colleagues and peers.


1. We do need that 



2. "Why are companies like this?"


3. Amen 



4. Employee returns...employee shouldn't have returned


5. We are 'families'



6. Blissful gap between periods of sadness 


7. Stresslaxing 



8. Same storm, different boats 


9. Hope this remains 'anonymous'



10. Corporate ladder 




11. The chair relates even if the chairman doesn't 


12. Always 


13. Tired before re-tired 


14. Such good listeners 


15. Will (not) do 


16. Mental health issues, who?


17. The stronger tea 


18. Throw the..."we are a family" here 


19. No time to die 


20. Just putting myself up for adoption is all 



21. Never heard of free time 


22. Where is the balance?


23. I have two bowls of stress and five mugs of coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner


24. "With AI"


25. Slather the humor 


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 Relatable corporate humor memes for stressed office employees