25 Hilarious Messages Put Up By 'Dude With Sign' | “I’m Not Listening to Your 3 Minute Voice Note”

25 Hilarious Messages Put Up By 'Dude With Sign' | “I’m Not Listening to Your 3 Minute Voice Note”
Cover Image Source: Instagram | dudewithsign

"When words fail you, hold a sign." Activism has existed for centuries, although its shades have changed and evolved over the years. In 21st-century activism, holding up signs has played a significant role. 


Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have allowed voices to be raised even if they are not the loudest. Employee harassment, political agendas and discrimination against races and minorities are a few causes people have been protesting against a lot lately. Thousands of protestors have traveled far and wide holding a sign and walking for miles, ensuring they are seen and heard.


Humor is the most effective way of getting your point across, loud and clear and the renowned 'Dude with Sign' is certainly aware of the power of holding up big signs, with either a serious-or-witty-but-always-relatable message on a cardboard sheet.


Dude with Sign's Instagram account has about 8 million followers and if you haven't come across him yet, check him out pronto because he is the best of this generation. We have compiled 25 of the most hilariously relatable signs he has shared on his account. So, sit back and get ready to relate. 

1. The silent watcher




2. Selective hugger



3. Please explain




4. 'The Rock'




5. Against manners



6. They need to cost less too




7. Certainly



8. Eww!!




9. Unfortunate



10. Hahaha!



11. Santa all the way



12. Sorry not sorry



13. Excuse me



14. Voice notes



15. Just in case



16. I don't know



17. Helping me a lot



18. Spare them



19. Show gratitude



20. YES!!



21. Money. 



22. So relatable



23. Noble cause



24. Loud and clear



25. HOW??


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 Relatably funny messages put up by Dude With Sign