Men Shared The Reasons They Didn’t Want A Second Date And TBH, I Get It

We’ve all had our fair share of bad dates. Maybe they were on their phone the entire time, or the chemistry just wasn’t there. But sometimes a date goes so sour that it’s necessary to delete the person from every single social media outlet and ghost them into eternity.

We’re used to hearing women share their terrible first dates with men, but what about the guys out there? A Reddit thread by single men shared all the worst reasons why they didn’t want a second date, and in all honesty, their reasons are pretty valid. If my date admitted they wanted to murder someone, I’d be gone faster than the bill could arrive.

She Ate A Fillet And Wild Rice Like Gollum

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Those are his words, not mine. Reddit user wasqa2 explained that the date was going well until they ordered food and she proceeded to explain that “she only ate with her hands and didn’t use utensils because she’s a supertaster.”

If eating with your hands is cultural or you’re eating finger food, then it’s no big deal. But a salmon fillet at a nice restaurant is way too weird.

She Yelled At Him For Ordering A Salad In Chili’s

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Apparently, all Reddit user le_punguin had to do to ruin his date was order a salad instead of chicken crispers. He’s not sure why his date full out yelled at him for it, and neither are we.

Maybe she channeled Pam from The Office and had one too many margaritas.

They Realized They Were 3rd Cousins


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There wasn’t much that Reddit user kvetchinghobbit could do about this one. Finding out your date is a cousin is surprisingly common despite the odds. If you’re worried, just try not to use as a dating site, and you should be fine.

The girl coming up called her date something terrible for no reason whatsoever.

She Said Her Fiancé Probably Wouldn’t Be Cool With A Second Date

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Reddit user boyz2man met his date at the hospital where he was a patient, and she was a nurse. He asked her out to a movie and then dinner and according to him, had a really great time.

At the end of it all, he asked her on a second date where she dropped the bomb that “her fiancé probably wouldn’t be cool with it a second time.”

Her Teeth Were “Black As The Night”

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Appearance isn’t everything, but Reddit user Nito_BlessSource couldn’t deal with the fact his date’s teeth were as “black as the night.”

When he finally built up to courage to ask her about it, she said that she didn’t have any diseases or syndromes, but just didn’t have the time to brush her teeth. Make the time.

She Called Him Racist Because He Doesn’t Like Sushi


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I don’t think that word means what that girl thinks it means. If this guy didn’t like sushi because he had a prejudice against the group of people who makes sushi, then it’s racist. But Reddit user sourceofnightmares just doesn’t like raw fish.

The girl coming up didn’t even let the date come to the point where they argue about splitting the bill.

He Spent 90 Minutes Watching Her Sell Incense

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Reddit user Face-palmJedi explained that when he arrived to pick up his date, she asked to drop something off at a friend’s house. Except it wasn’t a friend, it was a client she was trying to sell hot oil infusers to.

So this guy got to spend his date in a strangers living room smelling difference incenses.

She Asked To Stop And Pick Up Matching T-Shirts She Had Designed For Her And Her Ex

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What is up with girls using dates to run their weird errands? Reddit user snapyourvitals said the date went well, but on the way home, she asked to stop so she could pick up the matching t-shirts she had designed for her and her ex.

If you’re still designing t-shirts for your ex, maybe you shouldn’t be back on the dating market.

She Didn’t Even Bring Her Wallet On The Date


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Most dates turn sour when the two people disagree on who should pay. Reddit user ThatOneRussian didn’t even have a chance to discuss it because his date didn’t even bring her wallet. He said that he obviously ended up paying, but her cocky attitude was a huge turn-off.

The next two horror stories prove why you should never go to the movies on a first date.

She Read The Movie Subtitles Outloud In The Theatre

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Reddit user MallardOffy didn’t think that taking his date to see Fury would leave him furious, but she spent the entire time reading the subtitles out loud.

It’s unclear if she was reading them to help him out, or if she was physically incapable of reading them in her head, but he knew then and there that a second date wasn’t going to happen.

She Spent The Entire Movie Talking At Full Volume

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Reddit user pzycho had one of the worst movie-date experiences. It was his date’s idea to go to the movies. She showed up late, and once she arrived, she started talking like it was a dinner date.

He tried his best to respond with short answers to end the conversation. After that, she got up, left, and said he “was obviously not interested in her.”

She Brought A Bottle Of Vodka To A Coffee Date


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Look, we’re not here to judge if someone has an alcohol dependency, but bringing a bottle of vodka on a coffee date and continuing to “top up” your cup is weird. Reddit user MeanElevator asked his date what the deal was with the vodka, and she just said “she liked to party” then she fell over when it was time to leave. Yikes.

The woman coming up made a strange threat that immediately killed the mood.

She Forgot To Take Off Her Wedding Ring For The Second Date

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I don’t know what’s worse. The nurse who went on a date but failed to mention until the end that she had a fiancé or this woman who tried to hide it from Reddit user God_Riddance.

If you’re going to cheat on your spouse and trick the people you’re on dates with, you have to be more careful than this.

She Spent The Entire Time Saying Everything Wrong With Him Based On His Horoscope

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When my friends start dating someone, I’ll jokingly ask what their blood type and star sign is, but Reddit user ClairvoyantHaze was not joking.

After he told her what it was, she spent the time explaining all his worst qualities to him as if he wouldn’t already know every single one of his flaws.

She (Not So Jokingly) Said She Wanted To Kill Someone


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All was going well on Reddit user aguybrowsingreddit‘s date until she asked: “If you knew you were going to go to jail at some point in your future, what do you think it would be for?”

He gave his answer, asked her the same thing, and without missing a beat, she said murder. Then she “named the person and reason for their murder.” Should we be worried?

She Asked If It’s True All Mathematicians Are Virgins

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Reddit user pku31 was pretty offended when one of the first things his date said was, “So, you’re a mathematician? Is it true all mathematicians are virgins?” We’re not sure what his response was, but we’re positive she never got the chance to find out for herself.

The woman coming up suggested going for a hike, then acted weird the entire time.

She Acted Like She Was Doing Him A Favor By Going Out With Him

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Reddit user Sawses admitted that the girl he was on a date with was totally out of his league, but she kept rubbing it in his face. She told him that she was “giving him a chance” because they had a mutual friend.

Being confident is key, but being cocky is a major turn-off.

She Assumed He Was Divorced Because He Didn’t Work Hard Enough To Save His Marriage


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The date was already going downhill when she began explaining to Reddit user MeridianOne that she “still lived at home, never wanted to get a job and that she stole her dad’s car while he was asleep to meet me at the restaurant.”

But when she called him lazy for being divorced, it was the last straw. MeridianOne put down his chopsticks, paid, and walked out.

She Walked Five Feet Ahead Of Him The Entire Hike

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Reddit user animalia21 and his date went for a walk in the woods for their first date, and she walked five feet ahead of him the whole time.

You might think it was because she was nervous walking alone in the woods with a stranger, but she was the one who suggested going on the hike.

She Acted Like She Hated Every Moment

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The trophy for most mixed signals on a date goes to Reddit user pompadours. When he told his date she looked nice, she rolled her eyes. Then she proceeded to criticised the restaurant he chose, complained about the music they went to see, and barely said anything positive.

Then after he got home, he got a message saying, “I had a good time! Let’s do this again.”