Men Around the World Explored Their Inner Child Through These 25 Ridiculous Activities

Men Around the World Explored Their Inner Child Through These 25 Ridiculous Activities
Cover Image Source: Twitter/Because men are happier than women

Welcome to a world where grown men throw caution to the winds and embrace their inner goofball. We present to you a curated collection of 25 side-splitting videos that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that men find happiness in the most ridiculous endeavors. Sit back and witness these daring and sometimes questionable feats of hilarity that display the timeless truth that maturity is optional. Prepare to be astounded as you watch men engage in high-stakes battles with inanimate objects like kitchen appliances and garden tools, grooving bizarrely with the cheer girls or riding trolleys like a pro. Marvel at their uncanny ability to turn everyday situations into sidesplitting slapstick comedy.


In this rib-tickling compilation from Because men are happier than women from Twitter, you'll see men taking the saying "boys will be boys" to a whole new level, pushing the boundaries of reason and common sense. So hold onto your chairs (lest you fall off) as these men prove that sometimes the key to happiness is simply doing the stupidest things imaginable.


1. Because men have an uncanny ability to find humor in the most mundane situations



2. She taught him well




3. Dude got the moves



4. "Covid-Ball"




5. Women can be sooo evil!



6. It’s the little things in life.




7. What a bunch of happy, beautiful and classy women



8. Women live longer but men have way more fun!!




9. Typical day for any man



10. If Jesus is your neighbor




11. Absolutely magnificent



12. Pair of.. pair of.. pair of dice.




13. A story of hope. Of love. Of life.



14. The best move you could make!



15. Humans are so simple



16. Just simple



17. Fantastica



18. Some skills! 



19. Waoww



20. That bump at the end though



21. Bro drives a hot wheels car



22. Hurts!



23. And this is how I met your mother



24. Love watching bros being bros and laughing...never gets old.



25. And the last one!!


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 Ridiculous activities which made men around the world happy