25 Ridiculous Google Translate Fails That Made Us Guffaw | “Little Stinky but Smiled Very Badly”

25 Ridiculous Google Translate Fails That Made Us Guffaw | “Little Stinky but Smiled Very Badly”
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Google is our go-to platform when we want help to rescue ourselves from a number of different crises. This reliable internet search engine is capable of providing almost all the answers to our questions. Whether you want to do some last-minute research on a paper due the next day or you simply need to find out the best eatery in the town you are visiting, Google never disappoints. One can argue that you can rely more on Google compared to humans when it comes to getting quick information but unfortunately, that is not always true. We have stumbled upon a bunch of instances when people shared that Google might not be the most trustworthy platform, specifically when it comes to translations. If you think Google Translate is going to help you quickly learn words of another language and become conversant in it, then you are in for a hilariously bad surprise. Google Translate is known to recognize 133 languages spoken by approximately 300 million people but these tweets show us that we should take Google's translations with a pinch of salt. Have fun scrolling through these 25 remarkable Google Translate fails.


1. Do you want to taste a shabby shark?



2. It is supposed to be Happy St. Patrick's Day


3. You might fancy some clothes sandwich which is spelled wrong as well.



4. Thank god, there is no loss in growing cats


5. Burn someone to bake cakes



6. When you have to translate Google Translate



7. Beware of the zebra clans


8. Google failing at Chinese translation



9. Don't even dare to translate DNA


10. Google failing at German translation too



11. Mermaids are there for your rescue



12. That is a cryptic compliment


13. That made us gag for sure


14. Queue and chicken are the same things, right?


15. Not excited to try foreign cuisine anymore


16. Pope Francis became the beloved potato of the people


17. Compliments become insults


18. Song translations are comedy gold


19. Birthday wishes become funeral wishes


20. Five stars for abusing customers


21. Now electric drills have pronouns too?


22. How hungry is the Sheikh though?


23. An octogenarian is not an eight-year-old


24. Never use Google Translate for starting a conversation


25. The ex-president won't accept his loss against Najib


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 Ridiculous Google Translate fails that will make you guffaw