25 Ridiculous Haircut Blunders That Will Haunt You Before Your Next Salon Visit

25 Ridiculous Haircut Blunders That Will Haunt You Before Your Next Salon Visit
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @f*cked_up_hair

Some individuals are sensitive and particular about their hair. They follow an extensive haircare routine and don't like it when people touch their tresses without their permission. Some put in hours of research before trying a trendy new haircut but it turns out many are not quite sure about the kind of haircut they wanted before entering the salon. Maybe they were absent-minded or had blind faith in their hairdresser. A few of these individuals tried to give themselves what they thought could be a stunning look but ended up looking disastrous. They thought that bowl cuts and mullets are still in fashion. The Twitter account, @f*cked_up_hair has entertainingly documented all the epic haircut disasters which are undeniably hilarious. So, scroll through the 25 worst haircuts that you probably don't want to get and have a good laugh at the ones who had the misfortune of getting them.


1. Don't trust random hairdressers



2. Great way to promote realistic wigs


3. When you just can't decide on your hairstyle



4. Balding, but can't let go of the mullet


5. She is all ready for Third World War



6. Elon Musk's daughter be like:



7. A perfect obtuse angle


8. He got the Heihachi Mishima cut



9. Strictly inspired by lawnmowers in the yard


10. Trump spent extra time on this hairstyle



11. The hairdresser majored in geometry



12. Possibly emptied a whole bottle of hairspray


13. He can't even handle this haircut


14. When Dora the Explorer is your idol


15. It could be used as a blunt-force weapon


16. Will possibly serve a life sentence for the haircut alone


17. The picture speaks for itself


18. A lot of hard work went into crafting this masterpiece


19. That lock of hair remained loyal to this man


20. Bro wanted asymmetric bangs perhaps


21. Is he trying to give us a sign?


22. Don't give yourself haircuts


23. He will be afraid if he leaves the house


24. This fade isn't fading anytime soon


25. When you put too much hair gel


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