Rude Couple Group Guests Into Categories, Got The Replies They Deserved

Rude Couple Group Guests Into Categories, Got The Replies They Deserved

Why invite guests when you cannot treat them right?

Weddings may be all about the couple but if you are inviting guests to your wedding, you would do well to treat them right. A Redditor (u/theavantgourd) saw an image on Twitter and posted on Reddit for other readers to see how this arrogant couple tried to group guests into categories and the internet had quite a lot to say about it.

The Invite (Image: Reddit, u/theavantgourd)


So, they divided their guests into Group A and Group B and C. The invite said: "Dear friends and family, please understand that our venue is limited in the number of guests we will be able to accommodate for our wedding day. As much as we would love to have each and every one of you join us on our big day, we are forced to split our guests into groups to ensure we do not surpass our capacity restrictions." Well, why tell them that?


And then they wrote to Group A: "Please RSVP as soon as possible. We appreciate your promptness as we will be able to extend any vacant seats to additional guests."

Then they got extra rude with Group B and C guests asking them to keep a watch for vacant seats on their website. They even asked these guests to decline thair invites online if they already know they may miss it.

Furthermore, they wrote: "f possible, we encourage our guests to hire a babysitter for the night and leave your children at home. As much as we love kids, we are doing our best to make space for all the guests we can. We also ask for our single guests to forego their plus ones if possible. We appreciate your understanding."


Well, a guest would not be out of place to tell them to shove their list where it belongs. And the internet did respond to seeing this invite.

1) FeeFiFauxFun said: 
"I have to disagree with the wedding planner. COVID or not, being put into prioritized “groups” and then telling everyone which group they’re in, is rude. I don’t want to attend a wedding that I’m only going to be invited to if someone else can’t go. And blindly putting all family in group A, etc, doesn’t work if you have friends that are closer than family or whatever."

2) AtomicAngel99 wrote:
"This! The most cringy part of this is telling groups B&C to watch for their golden opportunity to apply."


3) lonnko said:
"If I’m in group C, I assure you I’m not coming. Not in a bitter way, but in a “thank you for making this an easy decision”. For real."

4) ockhamsdragon observed:
"Am I the only one wondering why they chose to print their wedding invite on a cardboard toilet paper roll?"

5) hoshiyari interjected:
"When United Airlines plans your wedding"


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