These 25 Sassiest and Silliest Answers to Test Questions by Students Will Make You Chuckle

These 25 Sassiest and Silliest Answers to Test Questions by Students Will Make You Chuckle
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One of the best things about growing up is that we don't have to write and pass tests anymore (in most cases). We don't have to pull all-nighters before that dreaded algebra exam and worry about marks. We don't have to rake our brains to find the right answer as time runs out. While trying to answer a difficult question, we might have been tempted to jot down something sarcastic on the papers instead of the actual answer. But that didn't fetch us brownie points because humor, wit and sarcasm were never awarded good grades in school. These 25 funniest answers to test questions are an example of that. These students plucked enough courage to fill out the blank spaces in their answer sheets even when they didn't know the right answers. They came up with some of the sassiest and technically correct answers which possibly took the teachers by surprise. These funny answers might just prompt you to think out of the box and laugh out loud at the same time.


1. “I had extra time on my math test, so I offered a proposal, and this was his reply”

Image Source: Reddit |Ace-TheBoi

2. “I was doing homework when I did this”

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3. Someone looks like a big fan of Madagascar



4. You can do it answer, we believe in you

Image Source: Reddit |TheImpundulu

5. It seems like a valid answer

Image Source: Reddit | jimmypompom
Image Source: Reddit | jimmypompom

6. Must be an intelligent kid

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7. Autobots transform and roll out!

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8. Marcus is definitely on steroids

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9. So basically water is important


10. "Honesty in my son's homework"

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11. Whatever floats your happy boat


12. We can name our polygon anything


13. Piano is only for the nerds


14. Straight to the point


15. No one is better at computation than the Asians


16. We wonder who will volunteer for The Hunger Games


17. Such a daring move


18. Who put the poor plant in the prison?


19. Is it really that tall?


20. Even Jesus can't help you pass the test


21. He got his future sorted


22. Radical indeed


23. Well STD will make you sad too


24. They cracked the code


25. Reality of every father


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