25 Sarcastic Vegan Memes to Add to Your Daily Humor Diet

25 Sarcastic Vegan Memes to Add to Your Daily Humor Diet
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @vegan_sarcasm

Switching to veganism is not an easy task. It requires self-control and preparation so you can live up to your vegan ideals for the rest of your life. Vegans have to face typical challenges in their daily lives. They sometimes get in feuds with meat-eaters or they get criticized for their dietary choices. However, veganism has gained popularity in the last few years and the vegan lifestyle has been growing as a market trend in recent times. Some vegans mind their own business while others are determined to preach the benefits of the vegan diet. People can be convinced of the goodness of vegan food without preaching or fighting—with a dash of humor. Here are some sarcastic memes collected from the Instagram page of @vegan_sarcasm that are unpretentious and easily digestible. Who knows, they might also encourage you to add some greens to your diet if you aren't already a vegan!


1. Thank god!



2. Just make up your mind already


3. At least they are saving the turtles



4.No mercy for the meat-eaters


5. Hummus can get you high too



6. Vegan alpha male motto



7. Vegans are the happiest together


8. Great excuse to slurp on some ice-cream



9. Dairy boys want to be pampered too


10. First you need to learn how to cook



11. Vegan BBQ parties be like:


12. That's like taking a leap of faith


13. Never trust them 


14. How vegans name their kids


15. Potato is their lord savior


16. Learn to love tofu and hate people


17. They better not put cow milk in your coffee


18. What do the meat-eaters wanna know?


19. Better than a trip abroad


20. And you have no option but to drink


21. Hate becomes a compliment


22. All hail the french fries


23. Fifty Shades of Greens


24. Best substitute egg


25. Do they eat emojis?


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 Sarcastic vegan memes which will make you laugh.