4 Funniest Poker Moments and What We Can Learn From Them

by Staff Writer

If your life depended on getting a good laugh, would you watch poker? Unless you’ve gone insane, PROBABLY NOT! Seriously, there are like 10 people who watch poker on ESPN2 every night! That said, it was just recently that we found out how awesome watching poker can be. So, we watched some more and discovered that poker can be hilarious. Don’t believe us? Then check out this list of funny poker moments (plus a lesson we can learn from each).

Ferguson Stalls, Ivey Looks in Disbelief

This clip features poker icons Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Phil Ivey. Two things make it comedic: Poker Jesus doing nothing for a solid minute and Ivey looking on with his mouth slightly agape in disbelief.

So, don’t sleep on the job — even if you’re Jesus! Seriously, the takeaway is to stay poised, as Ivey did. As an article on the skills that can be enhanced through poker discusses, it’s crucial that you stay composed regardless of the situation. Maintaining your composure, as Ivey did here, keeps you level-headed and less likely to make rash decisions.

Phil Hellmuth’s Poker After Dark Blow Up

Irony makes this moment hilarious. Hellmuth, a poker star known for well-timed trash talking, gets a dose of his own medicine courtesy of Shawn Sheikhan. The young Sheikhan insults the infuriated Hellmuth nonstop, until the latter walks out.

Ironically, we learn about positivity from Hellmuth’s meltdown. A feature on the mental skills you learn from playing poker, states that adopting ‘a positive outlook’ is always important. It’s crucial to be able to accept defeat because you can play your best and still lose big — or lose to someone who you think is an inferior player. This skill is also important in real life, where a positive outlook can impact the way you approach different situations. This is definitely something Hellmuth has to learn before his next big game.

Luke Schwartz Loses It

Schwartz is always animated, but he goes el loco in this clip, where he trash talks veteran David Benyamin. He keeps yapping throughout the game, ends up winning the pot, then continues the trash talking.

We don’t condone bad-mouthing, but Schwartz’s calculated risk-taking is the lesson here. This article details how poker players need to understand what makes a hand great, and then go for it when they get one. Schwartz took a risk, betting all his chips at the 0:12 mark and ultimately winning. At the end of the day, sometimes it’s necessary to take risks to make progress.

Tony G Calls Out a Bad Play

Poker pro Tony Guoga AKA Tony G, likes to talk smack, and goes a bit overboard here berating Ralph Perry. But Tony G’s quips and snide comments are funny as hell, particularly his challenge to bring in more Russians.

Again, we don’t condone that kind of behavior, so the lesson is: Observe etiquette — always! Trash talk all you want, but don’t go overboard. Even when provoked, we need to be thoughtful about our conduct because not everyone will take insults calmly like Perry.