Aaron Rodgers Is Guest Hosting Jeopardy! Which Means He Can Definitely Read

by Mad Dog

GREEN BAY, WI — If you’ve been wondering who is going to take over for the recently deceased Alex Trebek, wonder no more. According to the New York Post, Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, will be guest hosting Jeopardy as soon as the playoffs are over. And this leads us to believe that he totally is able to read some pretty big words.

Rejoice Green Bay Packers fans and Jeopardy fans alike! The news broke this morning on the Pat McAfee show, and Aaron Rodgers spilled all the tea:

“One of my idols growing up was Alex Trebek,” Rodgers said Tuesday on the “Pat McAfee Show.” “They’re doing some guest hosting spots and it’s going to be released here pretty soon but I have the opportunity to do one of those.”

Well, Aaron didn’t mention anything about reading. But this news leads us to believe he probably can. Medium sentences. Small sentences. Even large sentences.

We bet there are words he doesn’t know, but that’s okay.

But Aaron Rodgers did have some bad news…

Aaron Rodgers openly admitted that he is not studying up before his big gig. He’s not watching the latest episodes!

“I didn’t see Ken [Monday] night, I was watching some film and checked in on the college football championship as well for a little bit,” Rodgers said. “But I’m excited about that opportunity with ‘Jeopardy.’”

Don’t mess this up, Aaron

What the hell man! Do you think Jeopardy is some kind of joke? We at Men’s Humor watch Jeopardy every night and we care about this a great deal. Don’t mess this up for us. This isn’t the NFL. This is fucking Jeopardy!

If you don’t get to studying, we’re going to attack you, Rogers. You need to be learning words. Start studying trivia. Stop playing football and hit the books. Please, for our sake, and the nation’s!