Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz’s Insane CNBC Interview Is Just As Good 5 Years Later

by TheDuder95

While boxing and WWE have been known for their theatrics, UFC has recently drawn a lot of attention as well. Countless unique fighters have graced the octagon in one of UFC’s many blockbuster matches over the years. But this CNBC interview with UFC legends Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz takes the cake.

It’s just as good now as it was back then.

UFC fans in search of a masterclass in a fighter beating the shit out of their opponent outside of the ring need not look further than this. We honestly feel bad for Nate Diaz after watching.

Taking place just before 2016’s UFC 196 fight, CNBC thought it would be a good idea to do a joint interview with these two opponents. Turns out they were right. The interview lasted longer than the fight itself, and while McGregor certainly won this TV battle, he went on to lose the war. Nate Diaz was crowned the Welterweight champion of UFC after he defeated McGregor in just 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

What started out as a conversation about money and business quickly devolved into a bloodbath. McGregor owned the conversation from the jump, laying on verbal hit after hit on Diaz. “Time to take a coffee break, Nate. And by that I mean bring me my coffee.” Yikes

Conor McGregor strutting his stuff all over the octagon. (Via Giphy)

You can tell Nate felt overmatched in that fight. It was honestly like watching a grown man beat up a child. Absolutely brutal.

When the CNBC anchor stepped in to try and get things back on track by asking the two gentlemen to count to ten, the emboldened McGregor replied “Nate can only count to 5.” Diaz of course didn’t really have a comeback. He was totally wrecked.

Things for Diaz only got worse from there. As the two fighters discussed the financials of the fight, Diaz could only fight back against McGregor basically calling him a loser with the lamest of replies. “I don’t owe him shit. He owes me!” Yeah okay Nate. Whatever you say buddy.

“Anything over $40,000 he [Diaz] owes me because that was his last paycheck. I wipe my ass with that money.”

Yes, Nate. He was big leaguing you. (Via Giphy)

Somebody should have called a medic then and there because McGregor unleashed on Diaz.

You can tell that Diaz was totally uncomfortable is the interview as he starts to look around the room, searching for an out. “I told you to take five,” McGregor adds. Maybe Diaz should have taken his advice. Eventually the joint interview ends abruptly with Diaz removing his mic and exiting the room to the glee of McGregor.

Even though McGregor totally made his opponent look like a fool, Diaz ended their matchup with the last laugh.

Nate Diaz pummeling Conor McGregor on his way to victory in their UFC 196 matchup. [Screenshot via YouTube]

Just goes to show you that theatrics only gets you so far in the world of UFC.