Get Your Aggression Out By Loudly Cheering At This Video Of Hockey Fights!

by Tim K

Being a man in today’s world, overall, is easy as shit. But there is one thing that can be kind of annoying for dudes everywhere: Having to live with the monkey DNA of FIGHTERS in a world where fighting is generally frowned upon. What are we supposed to do? How are we expected to get this aggression out? We were BORN like this, damnit! Us dudes were built to hunt stuff with our fists! Knock out deer by punching them square in the jaw! Our ancestors had that privilege… it was their way of life…but how are we supposed to exorcise these aggro demons?

Simple… we merely get out our aggression by LOUDLY CHEERING at videos of other people fighting! So, without further ado, go ahead and peep this video of some mic’d up hockey fights and CHEER YOUR LITTLE HEART OUT, weirdos!

Enjoy This Video Of Dudes Fighting, Weirdos! Cheer And Shriek And Pound Your Chest All You Want! Yes!!!

That fucking ruled. God damn, we are amped right now.