Is This The Most Hilarious Missed NBA Shot Of All Time?

by TheDuder95

NBA fans rejoice. We’re taking a moment to relive what is probably considered one of the funniest moments to ever take place on a basketball court. Take a trip back to 2014 with us to relive the moment Nick Young of the Lakers prematurely celebrated a made three point basket.

You’d be hard pressed to find a funnier moment in NBA history. It’s simply iconic.

Everything about this missed shot is perfect, that is, except the shot itself. Nick Young may have had quite a bit of swagger on and off the court. Unfortunately it seems like that probably contributed to his embarrassment here. While the shot looked good initially, you have to wait for the ball to hit the bottom of the net before celebrating. That’s just Basketball 101 right there.

For context, the Lakers were on fire against the Knicks that night. This missed shot came at the end of an historic 51 point third-quarter performance. The Lakers had the Knicks number, which does make Swaggy P’s antics a little bit more forgivable. It would be hard NOT to be excited when your team is dominating.

Unfortunately for Young, his missed celebration has been replayed and meme-ified probably a million times by now. It’s a perfect physical representation of hubris unlike any other. Unfortunately for Young, he’s been the subject of another famous meme as well.

You might recognize this hilarious image from around the web. He talked about it during an interview a few years back.

Nick Young may not be in the league anymore, but his spirit lives on forever thanks to the Internet.