Jake Paul Is Fighting Again And We Hope He Gets His Ass Rocked Hard

by Mad Dog
jake paul ufc

LOS ANGELES — Boxing’s biggest douchebag is back and better than ever. YouTuber Jake Paul has confirmed his newest fight against Ben Askren in April, and we cannot wait to watch this dipshit get his asshole rocked hard.

Look at that ugly mug. We can’t wait to see that smug grin wiped off his noggin by a big fat backhand to the jaw.

Will Men’s Humor Be Watching The Fight?

Absolutely. We will be crowdfunding fifty dollars from our fans in order to stream the fight on one laptop in our friend’s basement. It’s going to be so sick.

Is Jake Paul Or Logan Paul Cooler?

Neither. The answer is that their Dad is the coolest. Just check out this hilarious video of him kissing people.

Epic. That dad sure can kiss that son’s friend! Simply epic, Mr. Paul. Too bad your son’s asshole is about to get rocked like a newborn baby that’s been punted into the eye of a hurricane. RIP to your son’s brown hole, Mr. Paul. Kiss THAT goodbye, sir! That asshole is your flesh and blood, and it is about to be in the ICU wearing a whole body cast and lit the fuck on fire, sir!

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