James Harden Got Roasted For His Belly Even Though He’s Clearly Been Supporting Local Restaurants

by TheDuder95

NBA fans were quick to poke fun at Houston Rocket’s superstar James Harden last night. Before his game against the Lakers even started, Harden was getting flamed online. After a clip featuring NBA TV anchor Ro Parrish joking about Harden’s plump belly went viral, social media was set ablaze.

“James Harden definitely had a pregame meal.”

While that was certainly a sick burn worthy of 4 million views on Twitter, we can’t help but think that Harden’s recent weight gain has been brought on by his support of local restaurants in the Houston area.

In times like these it’s more important than ever to help our struggling small businesses. Based on Harden’s chubby belly, we’re pretty positive that he’s been doing his part to keep restaurants afloat. Things are certainly tough for them as they navigate health concerns during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Harden is clearly an ally.

Weight gain aside, James Harden and his Houston Rockets had an awful game against the Lakers. After being down 21 points at the end of the first quarter, the Rockets never found their groove. They ended up losing by 17 to the defending NBA Champions. Harden finished the game scoring only 16 points despite clearly having plenty of protein before the match.

Harden somehow managed to take all the heft out of everything but his stomach during a post-game press conference. It’s no secret that Harden has been unhappy with the Rockets for quite some time, and last night things got worse. While addressing reporters, Harden shared his concerns over his team’s recent struggles saying his Rockets are “just not good enough.”

We’re unsure if Harden ate directly before the press conference, but either way, those comments are pretty damning. If it’s really true that James Harden is leaving the Rockets, that will be a huge loss for the restaurant community and the local economy in the greater-Houston area.

He’s clearly been an advocate of small businesses and restaurants in the Houston area for years. This is the last thing small business owners will want to hear.