Jaromir Jagr Is Still Playing Hockey Even Though There’s So Much Way-More-Fun Stuff Old Guys Can Do

by Tim K

Jaromir Jagr is an NHL legend. The dude’s been lacing up his skates since the 1940s, when the NHL only had like 6 teams and playing in the NHL wasn’t even the players’ full-time job and most of them were plumbers and shit most of the time — at least it feels like he’s been around that long. And somehow, someway, he’s still playing.

Check Out the Proof That He’s Still Around…

Isn’t that dumb as shit? We think so. Mostly because there’s a bunch of way-more-fun stuff old guys can do in their spare time. Here’s some ideas just off the top of our heads:







Anyway, we could easily think of way more ideas if we had time, but I don’t have time right now. Thanks! Goodbye.