Kevin Garnett Says Players From His Era Would Get DEMOLISHED In Today’s NBA

by Tim K
kevin garnett

Older people don’t like younger people. They think “kids nowadays” are soft, or spoiled, or coddled, or naive, or whiny, or all of the above — and usually more. How many times have we heard it? “Back in my day…” “When I was coming up…” “During the Korean War, we were forced to kill anything and everything…” Blah blah blah, over and over, it’s the same old thing… Until now! In an interview with The New York Times Magazine, ex-NBA superstar and former MVP Kevin Garnett broke from the status quo and said that he thinks players from his era wouldn’t be able to hang in today’s league.

Well how ’bout that shit!

Before We Go Any Further, Here’s A Quick Refresher On KG’s Greatness:

Okay, Cool. Sweet. He Was Pretty Good, Huh? So Fun To Watch. He Played Like He Was Always About To Rip Someone’s Head Off, Which The NBA Doesn’t Really Have Anymore. Anyway, Yeah, Onto The News Now:

Kevin Garnett dove right into his theory, wasting no time in totally throwing shade at the dudes he played with during his era. Namely, he says that back in the early 2000s, players weren’t nearly creative enough to score the way you gotta score today. Additionally, he notes their conditioning wasn’t even close to an acceptable level:

Check Out The Firey Quote Below:

Needless to say, this got Twitter popping off with… varying opinions. Some agree, some disagree, some are just acting like lunatics: The Full Twitter Spectrum!

Now Check Out Twitter’s All-Over-The-Place Reaction!

So awesome. In conclusion, thank you, Twitter, for allowing basketball fans to engage in the most confusing and erratic debate imaginable! And thank you, KG, for being such a real-ass dude who’s cool to give it up for greatness when you see it! Really good job, everyone! Thank you! Goodbye.

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