Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Tweeted Shade About The Super Bowl And It Was Embarrassing

by TheDuder95
patrick mahomes

Patrick Mahomes please come and get your mom. She’s been going off on Twitter after the Chiefs’ loss to the Bucs last night and it’s a bit much. She even tweeted at Tom Brady’s supermodel wife thinking that she would actually see it. Yikes. This is just embarrassing.

Yikes this is not a good look. It’s like your mom yelling at a ref from the stands during a Pee Wee League football game. Does she really think Gisele is going to respond to that?

The Chiefs got absolutely wrecked during their Super Bowl matchup against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs. While the game was close after the first quarter, a series of really dumb mistakes and penalties from the Chiefs made it a lopsided affair.

This led folks like Randi Mahomes to claim that the refs were basically rigging the game against her son and his Chiefs. She fired off a series of sad tweets despite the fact that the Bucs offense was just clicking on a different cylinder. The penalties may have been questionable, but that doesn’t excuse the Chiefs’ poor defense after the fact.

If we were Patrick Mahomes we might be a little bit red in the face for this one. Calm down, Mom! You’re embarrassing him!

Come get your mom, Patrick Mahomes!

Randi was lucky enough to actually attend the Super Bowl, but it seems like she spent most of her time trash talking on Twitter. She even thought it would be a good look to go after ESPN for just commenting on how bad her son’s team was playing.

You’ve got to respect a mom who looks out for her son. But never post your Ls on the timeline so publicly like that, Randi. It only adds insult to injury. There will be other Super Bowls in your future, but it’s hard to outrun your past garbage tweets.

Not sure how you manage to be the bad guy in a matchup against Tom Brady, but Randi Mahomes found a way.