The MLB Is Back And It’s Time For Some Bartolo Colon Appreciation

by TheDuder95

The MLB season is officially here. As teams report for Spring Training, it’s time that we take a look back and appreciate one of baseball’s most unsung heroes: Bartolo Colon.

The former Cy Young Award winning pitcher exemplifies and embodies everything that is great about baseball. You can be a huge, seemingly unhealthy person and still absolutely dominate. If that isn’t worth celebrating, then we don’t know what is.

Take a look at Colon’s first ever home run from back in 2016 and show some respect for an icon.

Sure it probably helps to be in shape to be able to get through Major League Baseball’s 162 game slog of a season, but not if you are Bartolo Colon. The man transcends physical fitness. He is a Baseball God.

Colon is quite the journeyman. Over his 21-year career he pitched for 11 teams, won 247 games, and was a four time MLB All-Star. What’s made him so incredibly fun to watch is his transition over the years. While he was once a power pitcher early in his career who could throw the ball 100 MPH, he developed an incredible amount of accuracy over the years. Even well into his forties he was still able to fool hitters with his breaking pitches and his control from the mound.

In addition to his pitching prowess, he also carries himself in a very unique way on the field. It’s just incredibly fun to watch his massive 285 pound frame grace the mound. It’s also hilarious that it took him almost 20 years to get his first home run. Granted he’s a pitcher who mostly played for teams in the American League, but that long homer-less drought just adds to Colon’s iconic legacy.

Even with seemingly every single modern baseball rule going against him, he still found a way into our hearts. Just take a look at another incredible video chronicling some amazing Bartolo Colon moments.

Major League Baseball could use more players like Bartolo Colon. The game is becoming increasingly sterile. We need more freaks of nature on the diamond.

While Colon has been retired for a few seasons now, he’s still an inspiration to us all. Even if you are kind of overweight and slovenly, you can still achieve so much in the world of sports. Props to Bartolo for sticking around for so long. It sounds like he may even be trying to make a comeback. At the ripe age of 47-years-old, something tells us he could still dominate and make us laugh.

That’s exactly what baseball needs right now. MLB GMs should take note. Bartolo is ready and available.