The Super Bowl Streaker Was The Best Tackle You Didn’t See

by Staff Writer
Super Bowl Streaker

One thing you might have missed in your viewing experience last night was the Super Bowl streaker. Television networks don’t want to give away free commercial time to whatever it is painted across some dude’s butt cheeks. You may have missed the best tackle of the night!

The event took place with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter of last night’s Super Bowl LV. This dude clearly came prepared to get his bail money paid for by the sponsor on his pink unitard.

Feb 7, 2021; Tampa, FL, USA; A fan runs onto the field and past Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Cam Gill (49) during the fourth quarter in Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium. Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I’m thinking this guy didn’t need liquid courage to get him motivated to be this year’s Super Bowl Streaker. He did his customary circles around mid field luring security out to meet their obligation. Players don’t seem particularly amused.

Feb 7, 2021; Tampa, FL, USA; A fans runs onto the field in Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Bro lasted about 12 seconds of doing sprints up and down the field before security got him running one direction. Then it became a race to make sure he didn’t get into the end zone.

Super Bowl Streaker Video – Twitter Has Us Covered

Kevin Harlan’s Call Is The True Highlight

Seriously. We aren’t sure if this was post production recording or if Kevin called this in real time. But this is clearly inspirational work.

Thanks to the brave men and women who sat in the stands and were forced to watch this first hand. The broadcast networks want to do their part to stop making stupid people famous. We are happy to find ways to still make stupid people stupidly famous.

How much did the pink unitard sponsor pay this guy? That is the real question of the night. He knew he was going to be arrested and banned from all future NFL games for life. So how much money is it worth to be on that banned list?

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