These Are The Worst Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

by TheDuder95
mtn dew commercial

While millions of fans watch the Super Bowl for the game, the commercials that companies shell out big bucks for have become something of a sport themselves. Every single year there are a handful of Super Bowl ads that break the mold and get remembered forever. Some, however, don’t do that.

Even with millions of dollars worth of production budgets AND star studded celebrities involved, these awful Super Bowl commercials just don’t make the cut.

1. Mountain Dew Zero Sugar (SB LIV)

Not even the star power of Bryan Cranston or Tracee Ellis Ross could save this ad. It’s just straight up weird. Also, the director of this commercial should have just came up with a more original idea than to just rip off The Shining because people like that movie. The MTN DEW Zero Sugar is a pretty good idea though, not going to lie.

2. Planters Peanuts “Baby Nut” (SB LIV)

Yet another clunker from last year’s Super Bowl. Good thing it was a fun game to watch. Two awful ads from one big game? Good grief. This commercial followed up another non-Super Bowl ad campaign in which Planters Peanuts decided it was a good idea to kill off Mr. Peanut. No idea why they thought people would be into that. Not even Baby Nut’s cute little face could save this ad. Two thumbs down from us. Fuck Baby Nut. This is one of the worst commercials of all time.

3. GoDaddy “Runaway Puppy” (SB XLIX)

This commercial grinds our gears for multiple reasons. First off, it’s sad. No one at a Super Bowl party wants to see a commercial about a puppy that gets lost. It gets even sadder when, after traveling alllll the way home, his craven owner tells him he’s been sold. We know this is just a commercial but those people suck.

4. T-Mobile “Hotline Bling” (SB 50)

You can’t blame this awful commercial on Drake. He does a fine enough job playing along. But for T-Mobile to try and set itself apart from other cell phone carriers? Come on. That’s annoying and incredibly disingenuous at the same time. We all know every single cell phone company sucks. A flashy ad with a popular musician isn’t going to change that for commercials from companies that are garbage.

5. Holiday Inn “Bob Johnson” (SB XXXIII)

We’re just going to let this horrible Super Bowl ad do the talking. No need to pile on. It’s already stupid enough.

6. Gillette Techmatic Razor (SB IV)

Were not sure how much this Super Bowl commercial would have cost back in 1970, but it doesn’t matter. It looks like a high school film project. We’re also willing to bet that back in the 70s, this kind of facial care product 100% did not work at all.

7. Bud Light “Upside Down Clown” (SB XXXVII)

This one is kind of funny but ultimately it’s pretty nasty. No one wants to think about an upside down weirdo clown butt chugging a Bud Light. Next time we’re at the bar we’re going to order something that doesn’t remind us of this.

8. GoDaddy “Perfect Match” (SB XLVII)

Yikes. This one is hard to watch. GoDaddy is known for having some provocative Super Bowl ads in the past, but this one goes a little too far. The sound of the kissing alone is enough to make us vomit, let alone the weird looking dude being used to sell domain names. Truly awful.

9. SalesGenie “Talking Pandas” (SB XLII)

Yikes. We can only guess why people hated this Super Bowl commercial. It’s probably because SalesGenie sucks right? Well, at least the company pretty much folded not too long after this Super Bowl commercial aired in 2008. It was so bad (and probably expensive) that the whole company had to do a rebrand afterwards. It’s now called Data Axle, and they probably hired a new advertising company.

10. “Test Baby” (SB XLV)

This ad came out of the Golden Age of “random” being funny. That didn’t help this commercial at all. We’re never using this website for anything. now redirects to now too. Probably unrelated to this horrible ad, right?