These Athletes Could Have Tried Just A Little Bit Harder

by TheDuder95

Let’s face it: professional athletes are better at sports than us. We can armchair quarterback all we want, but when you boil it down, they are the pros for a reason. That being said, these athletes could have tried maybe just a littttlleee bit harder not to look like fools on the field. The criticism is definitely warranted.

This is exactly what not to do on the field.

Granted, each of these horrible sports plays has a different set of circumstances. That being said, each of the athletes is probably making more money than we will ever see in our lifetimes. There’s no excuse for James Harden or LeBron James not to play defense. You make way too much money to just mop around on the court.

Parents: if you have kids who are trying to get into professional sports, please show them this video as an example of what NOT to do on the field. It’s just sad.