This Is The Pregame Speech That Everyone Needs To Hear

by TheDuder95

There are plenty of iconic pregame speeches from the movies. Who could forget the incredible depictions of inspiring sports speeches from films like Miracle, Hoosiers, and Rudy? Even though those are all incredible cinematic moments that would inspire coaches from all walks of life, it’s rare that we actually get to see a real pregame speech inside of a locker room.

Lucky for us, the cameras were rolling when this little league coach gave a diatribe that will live with us forever. Take a look.

This speech makes us want to go pick up a baseball bat right now and start swinging. This is clearly a coach who has his priorities in order.

We could argue all day about whether or not this speech was appropriate for childrens’ ears. To have that discussion, however, would defeat the purpose of the message. It’s clear what this coach is inspiring his team to do; he wants them to be the best, and that’s all that really matters.

Okay sure it’s probably not great to make fun of your adolescent players like this coach does. Nor is it good to call your players’ dads a loser. At the end of the day, though, what matters is your performance on the field. If your dad happens to actually be a loser it makes the taste of victory even sweeter.

Overcoming adversity like having a dad who is an absolute idiot is something that we should all encourage and cheer on when we see it happening.

Maybe we could all learn a little bit of something from this very blunt and vocal little league coach? History will sure look down upon him kindly.