25 Star Wars Memes to Make the Nerd Inside You Happy | 'May the 4th Be With You'

25 Star Wars Memes to Make the Nerd Inside You Happy | 'May the 4th Be With You'
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Each year the 4th of May is a special day for every single Star Wars fan. This day is known as Star Wars Day as loyal fans of the generation-spanning media franchise celebrate everything related to Star Wars. The pun "May the Fourth be with you" is a variation of the well-known Star Wars slogan "May the Force be with you". Despite the fact that Lucasfilm never invented nor proclaimed the holiday, many Star Wars fans all around the world have decided to observe it each year.


The science fiction franchise of Star Wars created by George Lucas has had a big influence on contemporary pop culture. Certain references to the characters and ideas of Star Wars are casually made in many English-speaking nations with the expectation that others will get the reference due to how firmly ingrained they are in the fandom's hearts and minds.


Characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2 have all gained international recognition, while Darth Vader has been hailed as one of the most famous antagonists in cinematic history.

Star Wars' cultural impact is unparalleled as it fundamentally altered Hollywood film aesthetics and narratives, shifting the focus of Hollywood-produced films from profound, meaningful stories and melodramatic themes to expansive cinematic universes, and special-effects-laden blockbusters. So, on the occasion of Star Wars Day, we have brought 25 rib-tickling memes for dedicated fans who will definitely catch on each and every Star Wars reference. May the 4th be with you along with some humor.


1. Anakin should have just stayed home


2. We are Star Wars politicians



3. Kylo needs to change his preference


4. This is absolutely accurate



5. Jabba the Hutt will appreciate it




6. He was destined for the Dark Side


7. The fun never ends for Star Wars fans



8. Damn, if only he knew how to play the game


9. That is just impossible



10. It's an annual ritual



11. When did Justin Timberlake become a Jedi?


12. Padme, no!


13. Yeah he is completely fine, right?


14. Kylo Ren needs to grow up


15. Mom will witness the Dark Side too



16. The Death Star ready to blow up my plans


17. It's your boy Vader!


18. Obi-Wan has been through enough


19. Only the fans can understand the burn


20. Basically the entire fandom cried



21. The insane plot armor she had


22. No one can beat Simp Skywalker


23. He should have named the sequels instead


24. Having a higher ground is always better


25. The feud gets serious



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 Star Wars memes to celebrate Star Wars Day this May 4th