25 Pictures of Teachers in Wonderfully Weird Positions as Captured by Cheeky Students

25 Pictures of Teachers in Wonderfully Weird Positions as Captured by Cheeky Students
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Teachers deserve all the credit for taking back-to-back classes, attending to so many students and then, staying up late to grade papers. Sometimes the responsibilities take a toll on them and they end up doing bizarre and confusing things which get immortalized in pictures and videos captured by some sneaky student. Take their sitting and standing positions, for example. It must be difficult for a teacher to keep standing or sitting in the same position for hours so they jazz up their resting positions from time to time. And their poses are hilarious enough to make cheeky students draw comparisons between them and the fashion models. Here's a list of meme-worthy times when teachers were captured striking weird poses while attending to their students.


1. Must do a headstand before starting the class



2. It's a tiring job indeed


3. This student was ready to risk a detention



4. He is possibly explaining the aerodynamics


5. Sitting and standing are overrated



6. Modelling is his side hustle perhaps



7. Getting into a comfy position is important


8. Probably the most normal one



9. Just sit down already!


10. His trousers are restricting his fabulous split



11. And they ask why we find math difficult


12. Does every teacher know how to do this pose?


13. He is posing better than high fashion models


14. When you can't rush to the restroom before the class ends


15. Could have doubled as a yoga instructor


16. The student is probably holding back her laughter fits


17. Just stretching out his back


18. When the teacher is more obedient than the students


19. Teacher is all ready to twerk any moment now


20. It was necessary to get on the desk perhaps


21. The students are following the teacher's footsteps


22. Legs be looking like the forward button


23. He is probably trying to give some philosophical lesson


24. He could have almost done a split


25. The teacher is incredibly flexible


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