SWAT Raids Ex-CIA Couple's House, Seizes Tea Leaves Thinking It Was Weed

SWAT Raids Ex-CIA Couple's House, Seizes Tea Leaves Thinking It Was Weed

They were high on justice.

You don't go tactical on a CIA agent, those guys are smart! And in this case, there were two of them, both husband and wife, ex-CIA, chilling in their house when a SWAT team broke into their house, invading their privacy like it was no big deal and seized loose tea leaves thinking it was marijuana! Now, that's the kind of police work you don't want but the couple was not letting things slide. Their pressed charges and filed a civil suit worth $7 million in damages. As reported by reason, they would only receive $150K, but that's not that bad a deal either.

Representational Image (GettyImages-167006810/Mario Tama / Staff)

Reportedly, Robert and Adlynn Harte's house was targeted because he had bought supplies at a hydroponic gardening store in Kansas City for a project with his son. But the smart cops clearly thought he was growing something illegal in the house. One cannot blame Sgt. James Wingo of the Missouri State Highway Patrol for mistaking Robert for a Marijuana kingpin because clearly everyone who buys hydroponic tools grows weed.

dry tea leaves (Image: Unsplash)

According to kcur, "Based on the officer’s tip, Johnson County sheriff’s deputies rooted through the Hartes’ trash and found wet green vegetation mixed in with kitchen trash." Later, according to kcur, "The search proved fruitless, even after the deputies called in a drug dog. No marijuana was found and the vegetation in the trash turned out to be nothing more than loose-leaf tea."

marijuana leaves (Image: Unsplash)

While the incident itself happened in 2012, the couple filed a lawsuit and pursued it for eight long years and it finally resolved in their favor. But this says more about the soddy work done by the police intelligence who may call themselves drug warriors, for all we care, but could not differentiate between tea and weed. We believe it was just plain dry tea leaves but shudder to think what would have happened if it were...green tea!

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