People Can’t Get Over These 25 Savage Insults and It's Brutally Funny | “Lunatic Salad Eater”

People Can’t Get Over These 25 Savage Insults and It's Brutally Funny | “Lunatic Salad Eater”
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There is a quote by the Canadian poet William Chapman that goes like this: “Words cut deeper than knives. A knife can be pulled out, words are embedded into our souls”. Whether it's getting bullied in school, getting catcalled on the streets or simply getting slapped with an insult you were not prepared to hear, all the harsh words remain etched in our minds for a long time. We have all been insulted at some point of time in our lives. So, when a Twitter user @Zazamyodor popped a question to Twiteratti, asking them, "What’s an insult you’ll never forget?" thousands of comments poured in. While insulting words can do irreversible damage to us, we sometimes get to hear funny and creative insults as well. We have rounded up some of the hilariously creative insults shared on this Twitter thread that is both enlightening and entertaining. Have fun scrolling through them and share the laughter but remember to be kind to your fellow humans.


1. Sweet Home Alabama, we guess



2. Husband should have called the packers and movers


3. Can't even wears shoes in peace



4. Too much forehead for one person


5. That was a smooth comeback



6. Better do research on your outfit before buying



7. Students aren't even afraid to get creative 


8. More like Tinder for the intellectuals



9. Cute little shrimps stroll into the club


10. When people judge you by your dressing sense



11. There are people who mistake your gender


12. Rude teachers insult students 


13. Shamed for having long toes


14. At least the forehead resembles RiRi


15. Someone stole insults from MTV's Yo Momma


16. The boy's mom was honest perhaps


17. Getting aged wrong is an insult too


18. A creative insult for vegans


19.  Homie predicted the future


20. Just don't get arrested to confirm this


21. How did they know about that smell?


22. Must be a talented baby then


23. Sometimes, notes betray us


24. Make-up does work a lot of wonders


25. The most confusing compliment and insult ever


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