25 Gag-Worthy Memes From This Funny Instagram Account: 'Dehydrated on 3 Hours of Sleep'

25 Gag-Worthy Memes From This Funny Instagram Account: 'Dehydrated on 3 Hours of Sleep'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @nugget

It's a routine for everyone to wake up in the morning and check out their social media accounts. We want to be updated—from the latest gossip to what's new in fashion to news headlines. The endless sources of entertainment and information keep us informed, but somehow, memes top the list of quickest pick-me-ups. 


Don't you agree? A meme likely pops up while we scroll through our feeds, and we stop to read it, let out a chuckle, and share it with friends and family. One of the pros of a meme is they hardly follow a pattern or a theme.


Most memes take inspiration from daily human life and turn the monotonous daily grind into fun and relatable one-liners. Sometimes, this is all we need. It feels like someone understands us, and we are not alone in our "sufferings." True, right? 

I believe it won't be an exaggeration to call memes an "alternate kind of therapy," will it? Though many accounts are dedicated to memes, this particular Instagram account, @nugget, has no specific theme and certainly nothing related to its name. 


It includes memes from all walks of life. That's why it has an all-around collection of the most hilarious and relatable jokes. So, we have curated the 25 best memes for all seasons from this page.


1. Let him cry


2. Boys will be boys



3. *Hired* Oh I mean *Fired*


4. About to burst



5. Hahaha...


6. Sorry, did you call?



7. Got to sleep, brain






8. Sleeping is fun


9. I am ok


10. More options, please


11. How am I supposed to talk to a banana?



12. Roger


13. I am the problem


14. Omg, yes


15. True



16. As if people don't gaslight me enough...


17. How accurate


18. Sigh


19. Uh oh!


20. Hahaha



21. LOL


22. Bad at math


23. Every single time


24. Bingo


25. Just introvert things


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 These funny memes by the Instagram page Nugget are quite giggle-worthy