These 25 Witty Literary Memes Will Have You Wheezing With Laughter

These 25 Witty Literary Memes Will Have You Wheezing With Laughter
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Spark Notes has been acting as the ultimate savior when it comes to helping students with last-minute study sessions. With thousands of essays and study materials available for free, this site has been a blessing to people worldwide. So, you have to write an essay on Macbeth for a paper due the next morning and you haven't flipped through the pages of the iconic Shakespearean play? You don't need to worry because Spark Notes will provide you with a gist of the play so you can manage without reading the whole of the original text. Whether you are a student or a teacher, you can easily tap into Spark Notes if you need any assistance with a subject that has been bugging you before the exams. But did you know that Spark Notes operates an Instagram account as well and it's unexpectedly hilarious? In case you were unaware, these funny posts on the social page of Spark Notes will tickle your ribs for sure. It just proves that they are not just the unsung heroes who come to your rescue during study sessions but they can also add some humor to your life.


1. Lady Macbeth always got a plan



2. Beware of the Iago kind of people in your life



3. The strategy is old-school


4. Shakespeare was ruthless



5. Poor creature



6. That's why we set an alarm


7. Gotta drag it as much as possible



8. Bizarre ways to die



9. Bronte had a thing for making men ugly


10. That's a complicated murder


11. No one can stop bookworms


12. Essays you write while being half-asleep


13. Moby Dick loves you too


14. Dorian Gray's confusing portrait 


15. Can the 'great' Gatsby reach it?


16. That's a great scheme


17. It's a mirror of his soul


18. No plan is a brilliant plan


19. Still no one can recognize them


20. He time-traveled


21. It's time to party!


22. This is accurate


23. Poor Icarus


24. Very creepy indeed


25. Not taking that risk


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 These Witty literary memes will crack you up