23 Things That Can Be Said Both While Shaking Sheets and During Family Dinners | “Finger Lickin’ Good”

23 Things That Can Be Said Both While Shaking Sheets and During Family Dinners | “Finger Lickin’ Good”
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As if sex itself wasn't an awkward enough topic to discuss with family members, now someone has come up with a weird question like, "What can you say during sex but also at a family dinner?" How are the two even related?  


Sex is a private and intimate act while family dinners are not. The things whispered to a romantic partner should stay within the confines of the bedroom (or so we thought). Family dinners are more fun and encourage open discussions over our favorite meals. There is no common ground. But hold your horses because the internet never ceases to amaze with its wit and humor. @NoContextHumans posted this bizarre question on Twitter and despite the question's absurdity, it caught the internet's attention. Surprisingly, people found some common things which are applicable in both situations. Unbelievable, right? 


Although it's unclear what inspired this question in the first place, the answers are far more astounding and entertaining. From tongue-in-cheek comments to witty one-liners to double-meaning sentences, we have curated the 23 most hilarious things you can say while "doing it" and while devouring. The post had over 5,000 retweets and more than 30,000 replies. Share at the risk of not offending a traditional family member; otherwise, they are funny beyond imagination.


1. Mhmm.




2. Ahan!




3. Really?



4. Straightforward




5. NO!!



6. Safe




7. Clever




8. Offensive



9. Too much



10. May the holy spirits be with you



11. Shh!!



12. Works



13. Ok



14. Feels



15. You have been a good host



16. Naughty



17. Quite fulfilling



18. Ouch!



19. Well!



20. Coy



21. You bet.



22. LOL



23. Greedy


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 Things that can be said during sex and family dinners